San Antonio Construction Site Accident Fall from Heights

Construction work is inherently dangerous and has one of the highest injury rates of any work field. One of the most devastating accidents is a fall from great heights. If you have suffered a fall, a San Antonio lawyer specializing in construction site accidents should be your next call. Falls can lead to a number of severe and even life-threatening injuries, and often an employer or third party is at fault.

A fall from great heights can occur because of employer negligence, faulty construction, substandard manufactured materials, or any number of other issues. Your accident may entitle you to compensation. A legal expert may be able to guide you through the process of getting the compensation you need.

Common Fall Injuries

A fall from any height can cause significant damage and injuries. The most common injuries include:

Fall injuries are arguably the most lethal type of construction injury. A fall puts the entire body at risk simultaneously. Other construction injuries such as equipment malfunctions or falling objects tend to do more minor damage because there is less bodily impact. There are obligatory steps an employer must take to prevent a dangerous fall and if they fail to take these steps, they are likely to be held liable for resulting injuries. It is best to seek medical treatment immediately following an accident. Having a record of injuries is essential in a personal injury case.

Failure to Prevent a Fall from Heights

A fall can be as simple as unfortunate foot placement, but often in construction, a fall means a failure of safety protocol. Fall prevention comes in two areas—training and equipment. An employer who falls short in either place is open to a negligence claim. Employer negligence resulting in a fall is often cause for a personal injury lawsuit.


Education and proper training are the first steps in fall prevention. An employer is responsible for adequately training their staff on preventing falls, how to use equipment and how to do the riskier parts of the job in the safest way possible. If they fail to do so, they may be liable for fall injuries.


Fall prevention equipment should be used whenever possible to mitigate the risks. Fall arrest systems, scaffolding, and protective gear should be in place by a responsible employer. If an employer could have prevented the accident, they are more likely to be held accountable for damages.

Sound Manufacturing

If a fall occurs because the fall arrest system was compromised, the scaffolding did not hold up, or some other type of equipment failed, the third party that manufactured the product may be at fault. Often there is no employer negligence, but there is still a responsible party that must compensate the injured party.

Learn More About San Antonio Construction Site Falls

If you have a severe injury or lost a loved one to a construction site fall from a great height, call today to speak with a qualified San Antonio lawyer. Many falls are preventable, and you are not alone seeking the restitution that you deserve.

A legal professional may be able to help you recover funds for medical bills, loss of work, pain and suffering, punitive damages, or other types of compensation. With extensive knowledge of the law and experience in construction site falls, a lawyer in your area can look at your case and possibly help guide you to the most favorable outcome. Call today for a private consultation.

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