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No matter how a personal injury happens, the aftermath of sustaining one can be challenging to deal for many reasons. On top of the pain and physical limitations that the injury itself may cause, you will likely also have to deal with various financial and psychological losses, all because someone acted negligently.

After an unexpected accident, support from a capable Leander personal injury lawyer can go a long way towards obtaining the best possible case resolution. From collecting compelling evidence to demanding adequate financial compensation for your losses, your dedicated attorney can play a key role in protecting your best interests and preserving your rights. Call today to learn more.

Proving Negligence After an Accident

The legal concept at the core of most personal injury lawsuits filed in Texas is negligence, which refers to the idea that anyone who injures someone else through recklessness or carelessness should be held responsible for their actions.  Proving that someone was negligent in causing an accident requires transparently demonstrating the following:

  • A duty of care existed between the defendant being sued and the plaintiff filing suit against them
  • The defendant breached the duty they owed the plaintiff by acting carelessly or recklessly in some way
  • That breach was the primary and direct cause of an accident that resulted in injuries that required medical attention
  • The plaintiff suffered and is now seeking reimbursement for their losses and setbacks

In addition to showing that a named defendant was negligent, plaintiffs also often need to establish that they themselves were not negligent in any way which contributed to causing or worsening their own injuries. As skilled personal injury attorney in Leander can explain, any finding of comparative fault against a plaintiff could result in them missing out on compensation for some or all of their losses.

Getting the Most Money Possible for Injury-Related Losses

Beyond just establishing a defendant’s negligence and contesting allegations of comparative fault, another key part of filing an injury claim is identifying the value of one’s losses and pursuing adequate compensation for these setbacks. This means seeking monetary damages for both objective and subjective losses. For instance, a plaintiff could collect compensation for economic losses like medical bills and property damage while also pursuing compensation for non-economic pain and suffering.

It is also crucial to incorporate future losses like long-term medical expenses, lost working capacity, and reduced enjoyment of daily life into a claim. An experienced lawyer understands the importance of financial compensation after an accident and can fight to demonstrate the full extent of a plaintiff’s losses through a personal injury claim.

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It can be hard for anyone to handle a serious injury in a proactive way, especially one caused completely by another person’s negligence. Fortunately, help is available from a capable legal professional with the experience and expertise necessary to achieve a positive case result on your behalf.

Getting in touch with a Leander personal injury lawyer should be a priority for anyone hurt by another person’s misconduct. Our legal team can collect evidence about the accident, discuss your options, answer questions, and help you protect your rights throughout your case process. Call today for a consultation.

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