Leander Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Incautious drivers pose a risk to pedestrians. Inattentive motorists can strike walkers who are simply going about their day. Being hit by a vehicle can lead to severe, permanent, or life-ending injuries.

When you or someone you know was negatively impacted due to the wrongdoing of a careless driver, an intelligent Leander pedestrian accident lawyer is a phone call away. A skilled personal injury attorney can help you collect monetary damages.

Situations Likely To Produce a Pedestrian Collision

People engage in various types of careless conduct that can end in a pedestrian collision, such as:

  • A driver is distracted by a mobile device, meal, make-up, GPS, radio, or conversation
  • A motorist is high on illegal or prescription drugs
  • A vehicle operator is speeding
  • Contractors of government officials are not regularly upkeeping road signs

No matter the cause of action, a pedestrian accident is a chaotic scene. No one wants to be involved in a collision. The at-fault person should not get away with the harm they caused. A Leander attorney knows how to fight for compensation on behalf of an injured pedestrian.

Injuries Caused by Pedestrian Accidents

These types of accidents can lead to grave and debilitating injuries. They can cause broken bones, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, confusion, paralysis, and potential fatalities. A person involved in the accident can file an injury suit against the negligent people or businesses who caused the collision. These crashes can lead to the death of a loved one, leaving families to pick up the pieces. A family can file a wrongful death lawsuit or survival action.

An experienced pedestrian collision attorney in Leander knows the steps to take in an injury case. We can do what it takes to get an injured person or their relatives the money they deserve.

Bringing a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

A person, relative, or estate has a maximum of two years to bring an auto-accident lawsuit against the reckless driver or business. After this, a court may stop them from receiving any kind of damages. However, in some situations, there are exceptions.

Since Texas is an at-fault state, this means the person who is more liable for the crash has to pay per Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 33.001. The person bringing the case can be partially responsible for the collision, but they cannot be more than fifty percent at fault. Evidence must demonstrate who was more liable for the accident. This requires legal skills. A lawyer in Leander could ensure a person secures the maximum amount of compensation for their pedestrian accident claim.

Contact a Leander Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Collisions involving a person walking often lead to severe injuries. The injured pedestrian deserves compensation to help ease their financial distress. When you need help with a claim, our attorneys are ready to help. With a running statute of limitations, a Leander pedestrian accident lawyer can file your case on time and secure the reimbursement you need for recovery. Contact us to learn more about your legal options.

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