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As people age, they typically start to notice a decline in their physical and cognitive abilities. For instance, they might no longer be able to walk or perform some of their daily duties around the house, and impaired memory can cause them difficulty in their everyday lives. At some point, their family members might determine they would be safer in a nursing home where trained staff members could care for them. However, nursing facilities do not always treat residents with the care and respect they deserve.

If your loved one suffered harm because of staff negligence or intentional abuse in a residential care facility, your family should consider seeking the guidance of a dedicated injury attorney. A compassionate Leander nursing home abuse lawyer can help your family pursue financial compensation and hold the facility accountable for their misconduct.

What Can Make Nursing Facilities a Dangerous Environment for Residents?

Many nursing homes have low employee retention rates due to lower pay and the challenging nature of the job. This means that residential care facilities are often understaffed, leaving too few workers to care for a large number of residents. In addition, with such high turnover rates, many nursing home staff members are inexperienced. If facility managers do not spend sufficient time training and educating these new workers on how to properly care for residents and perform their duties, problems can occur, both from negligence and from intentional abuse.

A facility should be held accountable if they allow substandard care or abuse. A dedicated attorney in Leander can work to spot any signs of mistreatment and further investigate a nursing home resident’s injury.

Types of Negligent Acts that Cause Injuries to Leander Nursing Home Residents

There are many ways that a nursing facility could engage in negligent practice and harm its residents, including:

  • Not providing residents with adequate food and water, which can lead to malnutrition, weight loss, and dehydration
  • Failing to help non-ambulatory residents move, which can cause pressure ulcers or bedsores
  • Unsanitary conditions, such as unclean clothing, bedding, and furniture
  • Failing to have a fall prevention plan
  • Misdiagnosing or mistreating a medical condition
  • Giving a resident the wrong type or dosage of medication
  • Failing to actively monitor residents
  • Failing to establish adequate security

Any of these actions would breach an established duty of care an open a retirement home up to potential liability for their actions. After a family suspects that their loved one experienced some form of nursing home negligence, they should discuss their legal options with a proactive Leander attorney.

Types of Intentional Acts that Cause Injuries to Leander Nursing Home Residents

In other scenarios, improper management of nursing facilities can also lead to intentional abuse from staff members. When facility members are desperate for enough workers, they might not perform criminal background checks, which could allow a person with a criminal history to care for vulnerable residents. Disgruntled and overburdened staff members could deliberately take out their dissatisfaction with their job on their residents. This leads to instances of financial, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse occurring in retirement homes.

When a family suspects that a nursing home is intentionally abusing their loved one, a Leander attorney can investigate the facility’s misconduct and fight to protect the rights of a vulnerable resident.

Call a Leander Nursing Home Abuse Attorney to Get Started

When people are older, they deserve to be treated with respect. If you feel your loved one’s nursing home has abused your trust by harming them, your family deserves help. A Leander nursing home abuse lawyer can help you work towards a settlement or compensation award that could make a difference in your loved one’s life. In addition, pursuing a legal claim could improve safety for other residents. To begin holding a negligent retirement home accountable for your loved one’s pain and suffering, reach out to our firm today.

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