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Pets can do a lot for their owners – they bring people unconditional joy, love, and laughter. Animals can also make people feel safer by watching over a house or property. Many people say their family would not be complete without their dogs or cats. However, domestic animals sometimes lash out and attack people. Dog bites can leave people with devastating injuries.

After an animal attacked an injured you or a loved one, you should discuss your legal options with a Leander dog bite lawyer. A knowledgeable injury attorney can assess your evidence, explain local dog attack laws, and help you file the most compelling claim possible.

Consequences of a Dog Attack

A dog bite can cause substantial damage and have significant repercussions. Any attack could lead to physical injuries, financial strain, and emotional trauma.

Physical Injuries

The physical injuries associated with a dog bite can be painful and debilitating. Many adults suffer severe damage to their legs or arms as they try to push an attacking dog away. Meanwhile, kids might be left with serious trauma to the whole body, as they are smaller and not as aware of a dog’s physical power. Instead of approaching a dog cautiously, children frequently put their faces right up to the animal, or they might unknowingly provoke it. Therefore, children often suffer face, head, and neck injuries due to dog bites.

A dog attack can also knock a dog or child to the ground, which can cause them to suffer head wounds, broken bones, and other injuries from the fall. A heavy dog can even jump onto a person, leading to internal organ damage or crush injuries.

Any of these injuries would require medical treatment and follow up care. Therefore, after being attacked by a vicious dog, calling an ambulance and seeking adequate medical treatment should be a priority.

Emotional Trauma

The emotional impact of a dog attack can also run deep. After being injured by an aggressive dog, a victim might experience depression, anxiety, and stress. Even being around a dog could be traumatic for an attack survivor.

Financial Strain

The financial cost of recovering from a dog bite can also be substantial, especially if a plaintiff has no way to work and earn a steady wage.

A diligent Leander attorney understands the physical, emotional, and financial impact of a dog bite and can help a plaintiff seek compensation for their many losses.

Relevant Leander Dog Bite Laws

State law follows a “one-bite” rule, which often does not help the victims of dog attacks. To recover damages after a dog bite, a survivor or there family will need to work with a Leander lawyer to prove that the dog in question had bitten someone in the past or had a history of acting aggressively. A claimant can also argue that the dog’s owner did not use reasonable care to prevent the animal from biting someone.

Speaking with a dog owner or witnesses to establish that the animal had a history of violence is typically the strongest way to assemble a compelling claim, and a seasoned legal team member can handle this challenging aspect of the civil claims process.

Talk to a Leander Dog Bite Attorney to Protect Your Rights

Being attacked by a vicious or aggressive dog can change your life. After a bite, you might be left with serious injuries, emotional trauma, and a wide array of financial setbacks that prevent you from getting your life back on track.

You deserve compensation for your trauma, and our legal team is here to help. A Leander dog bite lawyer can answer questions, help you collect evidence of a dog’s aggressive past, and handle the process of filing a claim for compensation. Call today to learn more.

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