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CapMetro provides bus services all over Leander, offering transportation for students, seniors, and anyone who prefers to avoid driving. Although public transportation is environmentally friendly and efficient, buses pose significant hazards to other vehicles if a collision occurs. Passengers also might suffer injuries while riding a bus.

Injuries from bus accidents could be severe, requiring extensive medical treatment, time off work, and causing significant pain and suffering. If you are the victim of a bus accident, consulting a dedicated injury attorney to protect your rights and ensure you receive appropriate compensation.

A Leander bus accident lawyer can represent you if you suffered injuries in a mishap involving a CapMetro vehicle or any other kind of bus. Our legal team can help with collecting evidence, holding the right parties accountable, and seeking the full extent of compensation you deserve.

Time Frames in a Bus Accident Case

It is always important to consider legal action soon after an accident. There is a two-year statute of limitations for most injury claims, and someone who waits too long might miss their opportunity to seek damages.

Quick action is especially critical when an injury results from a bus accident. The state, a local government, or a government agency often owns or manages buses. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §101.101 requires anyone with a claim against the state to file a notice of claim within six months of the injury. Local governments can impose even shorter timeframes. For example, the City of Austin requires people to file a notice of claim within 45 days of their injury.

A Leander attorney can investigate to determine whether any state or local government could bear full or partial responsibility for the incident that caused the injury. If so, our legal team can preserve the injured person’s claim by ensuring the government entity receives all appropriate notices on time.

Proving Liability for a Bus Crash

After a bus collision, a plaintiff must prove their injuries resulted from another party’s negligence or failure to use reasonable care if they wish to collect compensation. Because a bus is a common carrier under federal law, bus companies must use the utmost care to protect passengers and others. Any evidence that the bus company or its driver deviated from best safety practices could be proof of negligence.

A skilled lawyer in Leander can review any relevant police reports, witness statements, and physical evidence to determine whether the bus driver violated any laws or safety regulations. Legal representation can then subpoena the driver’s personnel file and driving history–any indication that the driver had a poor record or inadequate training could expose the bus company to liability for negligent hiring. Finally, a detail-oriented attorney can also examine a vehicle’s maintenance records to determine whether the party responsible for maintaining a bus is to blame.

Damages in Bus Accident Cases

A bus accident plaintiff who proves that another party’s negligence is responsible for their injuries is entitled to collect compensatory damages from this party. Compensatory damages include reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses like medical treatment, missed wages, or non-economic losses like pain, inconvenience, scarring, and disability.

If the responsible party is part of a government organization or entity, state law limits the damages they must pay. For instance, a bus wreck plaintiff can receive no more than $250,000 from a negligent government. The law caps the government’s liability at $500,000 per incident, so if many people suffered injuries in a bus crash, each might receive a relatively small payout.

A Leander attorney can ensure a bus accident victim receives appropriate compensation for their injuries by seeking contributions from all potentially responsible parties. The injured person often receives a more generous settlement when several insurance companies are at the negotiating table.

Call a Leander Bus Accident Attorney to Learn More

Being involved in a bus accident can be physically and emotionally devastating. It could take months before you recover enough physically to consider seeking compensation for your injuries. However, asserting a claim within a few weeks of the accident could be critical for preserving your chances of seeking compensation.

Immediately engaging a Leander bus accident lawyer solves several problems simultaneously. When you work with our legal team, you will have the guidance you need to file your claim and hold the right people responsible for your suffering. Reach out today to get started.

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