Leander Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Even if you stay in designated riding paths and follow all safety rules and recommendations, you are unfortunately still at risk of serious harm while riding a bike if a driver near you acts in a careless or reckless way. Even worse, holding a negligent driver financially liable for an accident can be an exceptionally complex and time-consuming task, particularly for people without civil litigation experience.

Fortunately, you have dependable professional assistance available to you from a dedicated Leander bicycle accident lawyer. No matter what injuries you are dealing with or how the accident happened, your seasoned personal injury attorney will work tenaciously on your behalf to build the strongest possible claim and get you a positive settlement or court verdict.

Common Injuries and Losses from Bike Wrecks

Compared to motor vehicles with safety features like airbags and a frame that physically separates occupants from external impacts, bicycles offer no protection in a collision. This means that bicyclists are particularly susceptible to serious injuries, even in a crash at low speeds. Lacerations, soft-tissue injuries, and broken bones are extremely common in bike crashes, and more violent impacts may have more severe outcomes for cyclists, including lifelong disabilities caused by damage to the spine or brain.

Because of this, it can be crucial when building a bicycle accident claim to seek compensation for the long-term effects of injuries. For example, beyond just seeking restitution for emergency medical care, a comprehensive claim could also demand payment for future therapy and predicted medical treatment.

In general, when assembled with the help of a dedicated Leander attorney, a bicycle accident lawsuit can seek compensation for:

  • Lost work income
  • Lost ability to hold employment
  • Personal property damage, including bicycle replacement/repair costs
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional and psychological distress
  • Lost consortium
  • Reduced overall quality of life

A skilled legal team member can help with collecting the evidence needed to seek compensation for these bike accident losses.

How Fault Works in Bicycle Crash Claims

Getting reimbursed for bicycle accident losses and injuries first requires proving someone else specifically at fault for the crash. In practice, this generally means establishing, through a majority of available evidence, that the collision likely would not have happened without the named defendant acting recklessly and breaching their duty of care.

It is also crucial to prove that the injured plaintiff was not negligent themselves in any way that contributed to them causing their own injuries. As a seasoned lawyer in Leander could further explain, if the court finds a plaintiff partially responsible for their own bike accident, they may reduce the total compensation available to that plaintiff or bar them from collecting any money.

Talk to a Leander Bicycle Accident Attorney About Your Legal Options

Bicycle crashes can be traumatic experiences even if no one involved ends up seriously hurt. More often, though, these collisions leave at least one person with debilitating injuries. If you fail to understand and enforce your right to pursue civil recovery in a situation like this, you may have no chance but to pay for those injuries all by yourself.

Therefore, discussing your options with a Leander bicycle accident lawyer should be a priority. Our legal team can listen to your side of the story, help you collect evidence about the crash, and fight against frustrating allegations of comparative negligence. Call today to get started.

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