Traffic Laws for Bicyclists in Leander

As highways expand and bike lanes shrink, the traffic laws for bicyclists increase. Accompanying these rules are more penalties for cyclists perceived to be in violation. There are accident situations where a bicyclist followed bicycle traffic laws only to be struck by a negligent driver. To better protect yourself from traffic citations and careless drivers, you should understand the traffic laws for bicyclists in Leander.

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Precautions to Take When Cycling

Cyclists should take many precautions to protect themselves from citations and collisions. Among these precautions are specific safety suggestions provided to the public by the Texas Department of Transportation. Some of these safety protections are:

  • Ride with a helmet and reflective lights
  • Utilize required hand gestures when navigating the road
  • Never ride toward oncoming traffic
  • Ride with hands on handles unless using one hand to signal
  • Cycle in the right lane, avoiding center traffic as much as possible
  • Remain aware of surroundings at all times and limit headphone use

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Restricted Cycling on Hero Highway

The city of Leander has a specific law bicyclists need to be aware of concerning Hero Way. Leander City Ordinance No.20-034-00 prohibits cyclists from riding through the intersection of CR-269 Hero Way all the way to Ronald W. Reagan Boulevard.

The goal of the law is to protect bicyclists and pedestrians because, along this part of the highway, there are no sidewalks, shoulders, or biking/hiking trails for both cyclists and pedestrians.

Other Bicycle Traffic Laws

When a bicyclist violates any traffic laws at the time of a vehicle collision, the cyclist—or their family in cases of wrongful death claims—might be unable to recover compensation. They will be barred from recovery when they are not able to establish the driver was at least 51 percent responsible for the cause of the accident.

With this in mind, bicyclists in Leander should obey all traffic laws. Riders must come to a complete stop at red lights. Also, bicycle pegs are not allowed on roads, and two people cannot share a bicycle seat when the bike is moving. In cases of bikes having a tandem, a two-rider bike is allowed because each cyclist has a seat.

At night, riders must have a white light visible on the front of their bike as well as a red reflective light on the back. The bicycle must also have brakes that can make a clean stop, meaning the front brake wheel locks in place as the bicyclist stops.

These bicycle laws also apply to electric bikes, which cannot travel in excess of twenty miles per hour and cannot weigh more than one hundred pounds.

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