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If you suffered significant injuries in an unexpected accident, you are likely wondering what you should do next. Thankfully, you likely have options for seeking justice and pursuing financial compensation from the guilty party. For instance, a carefully constructed personal injury claim could be the ideal option for your situation. When an accident was caused by another person’s recklessness or negligence, you can use a civil lawsuit to hold them accountable.

An experienced Austin personal injury lawyer can take the lead with investigating the accident, handling your case, and helping you seek the justice you deserve. You do not have to navigate this challenging situation alone.

When are Personal Injury Lawsuits an Option?

There are many different accidents and situations where, when handled appropriately, a plaintiff might be able to pursue financial compensation through a personal injury claim.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle crashes are one of the most common reasons why people file civil claims for personal injuries. Since any collision could be severe, the survivors of these accidents usually collect repayments for all their many losses, including medical treatment and vehicle repair fees.

Defective Product Lawsuits

People generally assume that products they buy will be safe for daily use. However, this does not always happen. Sometimes negligent manufacturers or corporations create defective products that severely hurt innocent consumers. There are many different instances and examples of defective products, but personal injury actions can help combat these frustrating situations.

Construction Accidents

Accidents on construction sites, unfortunately, happen regularly. Additionally, the industrial nature of these locations means that wounds are often catastrophic. Thankfully, construction injuries that cannot be handled by the workers compensation system might warrant a personal injury claim.

Determining when personal injury lawsuits are a possibility can be challenging for an unrepresented plaintiff, but a knowledgeable Austin attorney can help someone assess their situation and pinpoint the best next steps.

Time Limits for Filing Personal Injury Claims

Since a personal injury lawsuit is a type of civil claim, it is usually subject to a time limit known as the statute of limitations. Texas Statutes § 16.003 requires that, in most cases, a claimant file their lawsuit within two years of their accident. Failing to respect this time limit will most likely disqualify a case. Exceptions might apply for injured children or other unique circumstances, so a detail-oriented Austin lawyer can help someone out how long they have to file their personal injury case.

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