Austin Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Under Austin law, motorcyclists have the same rights and duties as standard vehicles. However, motorcyclists are often not given the respect they deserve, due to their small size. Additionally, drivers deal with motorcyclists less frequently and are sometimes unaware of their presence.

When other drivers place bikers at risk, they would be considered negligent. When this negligence leads to injury, the motorist might be legally responsible.

Contacting an Austin motorcycle accident lawyer can improve your chances of holding a negligent driver accountable and recovering financial compensation. Our dedicated injury attorneys can assess the cause of the crash, explain the statute of limitations, and fight to demonstrate that you were not responsible.

Why Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

Motorcycle accidents can occur with little warning. Common causes include intoxicated drivers, speeding, dangerous maneuvers, sudden stops, and hazardous road conditions. If a driver changes lanes without checking their blind spot, for example, they might cause a crash that leaves a motorcyclist severely injured.

In many cases, it is challenging for the parties involved to determine what caused the wreck. Thankfully, an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer in Austin understands that an accident can happen even when a motorcyclist operates their bike responsibly.

Acquiring competent legal counsel ensures a thorough investigation of the accident scene to determine the cause and gather relevant evidence. If the other party is negligent and their carelessness is the root cause of the crash, they may be liable for damages.

Monetary Damages in Austin Motorcycle Accident Cases

Collecting reimbursement for a motorbike accident is a complicated procedure that often requires an experienced attorney in Austin to protect an injured motorcyclist’s rights. In a properly filed claim, an injured party can seek reimbursement for:

  • Past, current, and future medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Lost income resulting from missing time at work
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional trauma
  • Reduced enjoyment of daily life

Damages are designed to cover an injured party’s financial and non-financial losses. Determining which forms of compensation are appropriate often requires an in-depth analysis and due diligence, which is where our firm can help.

Time Constraints on Motorcycle Accident Claims

According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 16.003(a), when someone is involved in a motorbike accident and wishes to pursue compensation for personal injuries and property damage, they must do so within two years of the date of the accident. Procrastinating can be highly detrimental to a claim’s success.

Therefore, an injured motorcyclist should consider retaining a dedicated attorney and filing a claim for compensation immediately after a wreck.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Wreck

After a motorbike crash, the first thing to do is dial 911 to seek treatment for any injuries. Afterward, a motorcyclist should then gather the contact information of the other driver, including their name, address, license plate number, vehicle description, and insurance information.

Furthermore, an injured party should consider seeking the counsel of an experienced motorcycle lawyer in Austin. Dealing with insurance companies is often challenging when filing a claim for damages.

If a party obtains legal representation, this attorney can handle all communications with an insurance corporation, since anything the injured party says can be used against them to diminish or deny their motorbike accident claim.

Call an Austin Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Get Started

Injuries resulting from a motorcycle wreck can be life-changing in both the short and long term. Furthermore, your injuries can quickly cause you to miss time at work or enjoy your life. The medical bills that follow are often just as debilitating.

Thankfully, an Austin motorcycle accident lawyer can utilize knowledge and experience to help file a successful claim for monetary damages. Reach out today to speak with a team member and schedule your initial consultation.

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