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Getting hurt in an accident can be a disruptive and frustrating experience, especially if that accident only happened because someone else was careless or reckless. Even if you are sure another person bears all the blame for your injuries, holding them financially accountable for your setbacks and losses can be deceptively complex, whether you try to do it through private settlement negotiations or a trial in civil court.

Either way, guidance from an attorney who knows how to handle situations like yours can be absolutely vital to getting the restitution you deserve. From start to finish of your legal proceedings, a capable Manor personal injury lawyer can be a steadfast ally and source of personalized legal support.

When Can Someone File a Personal Injury Claim?

While it might seem easy to think that nobody’s specific behavior can lead to an accident, civil courts always try to figure out who is responsible and assign legal liability accordingly.

What counts as legally actionable negligence can vary substantially from case to case, since the duties people owe to each other and what sort of behavior would breach said duty changes based on who those people are and what they are doing. Furthermore, what qualifies as a negligent act in one situation might be considered reasonable in another. For example, a driver swerving and hitting another car might be a reasonable response if not doing so would have led to them hitting a falling tree.

Common examples of situations where negligence might warrant a personal injury claim include:

  • Motor vehicle crashes like car wrecks or collisions caused by commercial truckers
  • Collisions between cars and pedestrians, motorcyclists, or bicyclists
  • Public or private bus accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Slipping and tripping accidents or falls caused by negligent property maintenance
  • Injuries caused by defective consumer products
  • Harm caused by medical negligence
  • Abuse or mistreatment in nursing homes

A skilled Manor attorney can help pursue fair recovery through a personal injury claim after any of these frustrating situations.

Recovering for All Available Damages

The most comprehensive personal injury claims will pursue compensation for economic and non-economic losses. For instance, after an accident, a plaintiff can pursue compensation for medical bills, property damage, and other losses with a clear financial value. However, they can also seek repayment for more subjective setbacks like emotional trauma and reduced quality of life. The more debilitating and long-lasting an injury is, the more valuable an ensuing claim is likely to be.

Importantly, there are various legal roadblocks and restrictions that could prevent a plaintiff from collecting the compensation they deserve. For instance, injury claims are subject to strict time limits.  Guidance from a knowledgeable lawyer in Manor can be essential to understanding and navigating around these issues during personal injury litigation.

Get Help from a Manor Personal Injury Attorney

No one who gets hurt solely because of another person’s misconduct should be forced to pay for all their ensuing losses. That said, making someone else reimburse you for harm they caused you is not easy, particularly if you try to pursue your claim alone.

Assistance from a Manor personal injury lawyer can make a world of difference in how every stage of your case plays out. Call today to schedule a meeting.

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