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Only some dog owners adequately manage and control their pets. When owners fail to supervise their dogs, neighbors, children, passersby, delivery drivers, and the general public are at risk. No one wants to spend time in the hospital or undergo reconstruction surgery after a dog bite.

When you or someone you love have injuries because of a negligent owner, a Manor dog bite lawyer can seek legal justice in your favor, resulting in essential financial compensation. Our personal injury attorneys are ready to support your claim.

Liability of Dog Owners

Owner responsibility for a dog bite can be established by showing they are strictly liable for the harm or the injuries directly resulting from the owner’s negligence. State law provides that canine owners are responsible when the canine bites and injures a person in a public place or rightfully on the land of another. This is also known as the “one bite” rule. By this, an owner is strictly liable regardless of negligence.

An owner may be able to claim immunity if they have a sign warning about the dog. A sign does not negate the responsibility to six and younger children. If a jury finds the individual did something to contribute to their injury, their damage award will be reduced based on the contribution.

When a person cannot file a dog bite claim under strict liability, they can still bring a cause of action on a theory of negligence. However, it is difficult to establish when the person hurt was a trespasser. Negligence per se may be a viable option. This claim says the person’s injuries would not have happened but for negligence.

Following a dog bite, seeking immediate medical attention is most important. Make sure to save the owner’s contact information and address. Also, write down a brief description of what transpired. A Manor dog bite attorney could file the case and fight for fair and compensatory damages for those hurt by an owner’s negligent dog.

Damages and Injuries from Dog Bites

An injured person’s losses could stem from potential surgery, recovery time, pain medication, the inability to work, and possible permanent disfiguration. When filing, an attorney could specifically list these damages in the lawsuit and anticipatory damages that will likely occur years from now. Some of the common injuries individuals attacked by a dog have are:

  • Scratches
  • Infections
  • Bite marks
  • Bone fractures
  • Nerve damage

In addition to physical pain comes emotional and mental anguish and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when individuals encounter future dogs. In some instances, when a person is bitten on the face, they may have to undergo multiple facial transplants or reconstruction surgery.

When a person who sustains dog bites attempts to file a lawsuit by themselves, it can be challenging to manage with medical treatment. Often the owner can hire legal counsel who could file a motion to dismiss to get the claim out of court. Also, the total financial award is usually a fraction of what the person would have been paid if they had legal representation.

A canine injury lawyer could present clear evidence that the owner is solely responsible for their client’s injuries and continuous resulting hardships.

Call a Manor Dog Bite Attorney for Help

Dog bites are serious ordeals that can negatively impact a person’s personal, work, and financial life. It would be best if you did not have to endure continuous financial losses for the actions of an irresponsible dog owner.

To speak with a Manor dog bite lawyer about a potential civil legal claim for damages, can reach out to us.

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