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When your loved one is staying at an assisted living home, you expect them to receive a reasonable level of support, attention, and care. When staff or the facility takes advantage of or harms your loved one, state law may empower you to take a stand against these horrible practices. Reporting the suspected abuse or neglect and, if necessary, filing a lawsuit allows you to seek compensation for your loved one and possibly prevent others from experiencing the same harm.

Working with a Manor nursing home abuse lawyer helps ensure you have the support and guidance you need to navigate the legal process. Our team is here to help those who experience abuse and neglect while staying at a nursing facility. Our seasoned personal injury attorneys understand the nuances of these claims and how to build a compelling case against providers and institutions who try to sidestep liability.

What Constitutes Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

Under Texas Health & Safety Code § 247.064, residents in assisted living facilities have essential rights, including the following:

  • Managing their financial affairs
  • Engaging with their family members and community
  • Having a safe, clean, and reasonably private environment
  • Receiving necessary medical and psychological care
  • Refusing treatment or services

When staff members break these or other rules, such as by stealing money from residents, nursing home abuse and neglect may be present. For example, a provider may commit abuse when they unnecessarily sedate a patient without consent or a valid medical reason for doing so. Likewise, using physical restraints or corporal punishment on residents may also fall under the umbrella of abuse.

Facilities and staff members may also harm patients by being neglectful, such as failing to take residents to the toilet regularly or rotating bedridden patients. A Manor attorney provides essential legal counsel to those harmed by neglect or abuse at the hands of a memory care center or nursing home. Our lawyers have the necessary training to review the situation and determine the proper course of action.

Taking Legal Action When Abuse Occurs in a Long-Term Care Home

Individuals, friends, and families who suspect that neglect or abuse is occurring in a rehabilitation center or long-term care home can file a report with the appropriate state agency. For example, people making a report on behalf of someone in an assisted living facility may contact the Texas Department of State Health Services. An attorney in Manor can help an injured person and their family make this call and submit the necessary information to file a claim for nursing home abuse.

The person may also choose to bring a lawsuit against the negligent or abusive facility. Pursuing compensation in this context can allow them to tell their story and request acknowledgment for what they have gone through. To improve their chances of having a successful legal claim, a person might benefit from taking careful notes about what happened and meeting their filing deadlines.

Going through the pain and discomfort of experiencing abuse and neglect can feel like an impossible situation. Many people also find it challenging to try to balance the legal claim on their own and find relief by choosing to work with a seasoned advocate. We can help an injured person reclaim their agency and protect themselves against further harm while holding the at-fault facility accountable.

A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Manor Can Help

People who are aging or have a disability deserve better than to experience neglect or abuse at the hands of a professional team who promises to help them. When you or your loved one are in this situation, consider partnering with a trained advocate who can lift your voice and take a stand against the wrongdoers.

Our law firm provides decisive and compassionate assistance to those hurt by those who were supposed to protect patients in facilities such as memory care centers. Contact a Manor nursing home abuse lawyer on our team to schedule a consultation.

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