Manor Boat Accident Lawyer

Getting out on the water, whether to boat, ski, canoe, fish, or swim, can be an incredible opportunity to connect with nature and bond with loved ones. When these recreational activities result in accidents, a person can break bones, suffer internal injuries, experience a concussion, or drown. When you are harmed in a wreck on a waterway and someone else is at fault, you may have a way to pursue compensation.

A Manor boat accident lawyer can offer you and your family critical support in the aftermath of a crash. We understand how dysregulating and dangerous these wrecks can be and can lend you and your loved ones a compassionate and knowledgeable ear. Our seasoned personal injury attorneys take a personalized approach to providing legal assistance so our clients feel valued and supported rather than burdened.

Causes of Marine Wrecks

Many manmade and natural factors can create a situation that results in a boat crash. For example, when vessel operators drink alcohol or take drugs before going out on the water, they significantly increase their chance of costly errors. For instance, they may fail to reduce their speed in time to launch the vessel or return it to the dock safely.

Likewise, those on the waterway put themselves at great risk when they ignore government-issued warnings about dangerous water levels or weather events. When the boaters take the vessel out on the water when the levels are extremely low, they may get stuck or capsize, resulting in serious injuries. Additionally, if a manufacturer produces a defective boat or component, passengers or operators can get hurt.

In many situations, it takes a trained eye to uncover the reason a boat crash in Manor occurs, which is why a person should partner with an attorney. Our lawyers have special skills they can use to sort through mountains of evidence to determine what happened. They can also identify potential legal arguments a person can use to prove their case.

Steps to Take After a Maritime Collision

Texas Parks & Wildlife Code § 31.105 requires people to report boat accidents within 30 days. This rule applies to most marine crashes that result in property damage of $2,000 or more, death, or personal injuries that require more than basic first aid. As with car crashes, boat operators are also responsible for stopping and aiding others involved in a wreck.

While not required by law, an injured person should also go to the doctor to be examined and have their wounds treated. This initial visit is important because it creates a paper trail between the boating incident and the person’s injuries. Additionally, it makes sure that the person is not experiencing any subtle but dangerous harm that may worsen without treatment.

The next step is for an injured person or their attorney in Manor to file a legal claim against the person or company that caused the boating incident. State law makes bad actors responsible for injuries they directly or indirectly inflict on others because of their actions. When a person can prove that someone else is to blame for what occurred, they may be eligible for a financial award to cover their medical bills, lost income, or other injury-related costs.

For Legal Help After a Boating Accident, Call an Attorney in Manor

Experiencing a maritime crash can be a harrowing and potentially life-threatening incident, resulting in harm such as lacerations, bruises, concussions, or spinal injuries. If you fell victim to a wreck on a waterway, consider working with a knowledgeable legal team to help you pursue compensation.

Our law firm has years of experience fighting for people who are hurt while boating, kayaking, swimming, canoeing, jet skiing, or engaging in another type of maritime activity. We can help you identify and protect your rights by negotiating with at-fault parties or holding them accountable in a court of law. Contact a Manor boat accident lawyer on our team to schedule a consultation about your claim.