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Residents throughout Manor regularly enjoy biking for exercise, fun, or to get to their destination. Bike riding reduces transportation expenses and is a way for people to enjoy the outdoors. A relaxing bike ride could change due to the careless actions of an at-fault motorist.

When you suffer injuries from a collision with a negligent driver, a Manor bicycle accident lawyer could provide effective representation, resulting in significant compensatory damages. Reach out to our firm to discuss your claim with a personal injury attorney.

Negligent Drivers Cause Bicycle Collisions

Bicycle crashes are often due to careless automobile drivers. These motorists fail to obey traffic laws, leading to them causing injurious bicycle accidents. Drivers are known to not yield to bicyclists when crossing into bike lanes, going through a crosswalk, or simply crossing the street. Some raging motorists drive inches away from cyclists to force them to move over, which can lead to a collision. Other motorists aggressively exceed the speed limit and crash into bicyclists because of their carelessness.

Another typical example of motorists likely to cause bicycle accidents is inattentive drivers. People using digital distractions while driving, such as texting on a cell phone or watching a movie on a tablet, often cause cycle accidents because their eyes are not on the road. Other distractions include a driver eating, changing, or putting on makeup while driving. A driver could be using distractions in hopes that it will keep them awake. Motorists also cause bicycle crashes when they are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

A bicyclist could sustain severe injuries after being hit by a negligent driver, including:

  • Paralysis
  • Broken ribs
  • Bone fractures
  • Internal bleeding
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Torn arm or leg muscles

A persuasive bicycle collision attorney in Manor can combine the evidence with the law to show the vehicle operator was at fault for the collision.

Determining Liability in Bicycle Wrecks

To profitably establish a claim for damages, the hurt cyclist needs to establish negligence and prove why the incautious driver should compensate them for each of their losses. This can be difficult when an injured person tries to proceed with a negligence claim on their own. Presenting a damage claim requires a lot of investigation, research, and concise legal writing with applicable legal citations. Seeking the aid of a legal expert works in favor of a person suing another for damages. An attorney can collect initial information, conduct a thorough investigation, depose witnesses, find critical evidence, and submit compelling legal pleadings with the court for their client.

The negligence claim will start by showing the driver owes a duty of care to the bicyclist. Next, an attorney will show the reckless conduct of this motorist was both the direct and proximate cause of the injuries to the bicyclist. Due to the actions of the driver, the bicyclist has past-due medical debt and personal bills in connection with the emotional and monetary harm following the collision. In situations of wrongful death, a family could request damages for the loss of a spouse as a companion and the loss of a parent in cases of a child.

In addition to the lawsuit, a cyclist collision lawyer in Manor can negotiate with the insurers to ensure the hurt cyclist is timely paid from the at-fault motorist’s policy.

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