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Children deserve to run, play, learn, explore, and be cared for without worrying about getting hurt by or because of a negligent caregiver, teacher, doctor, or other person. When your child suffers harm at the hands of someone else’s carelessness, state law provides a way for you to seek damages. Going to court allows you to lay bare the details about what you and your child have endured and request a financial award to recoup your losses.

Working with a Manor child injury lawyer can be an empowering decision to help you confidently move through the legal system. Our law firm understands the frustration and hardship that children and families experience when people, such as doctors, make mistakes that hurt little ones. In developing an effective case strategy, our personal injury attorneys take the time to understand where our clients are coming from and what success looks like to them.

Common Ways Children Suffer Injuries

Because they are fragile and still developing, children can get hurt in many contexts. For example, they may slip and fall at a pool at a friend or neighbor’s house, causing them to break their arm, wrist, or leg, or they might be attacked by a vicious dog and need to get stitches on their face or hands.

In some situations, a delivery doctor or nurse can make a serious error when the child is born, resulting in the infant developing a condition like Erb’s or Cerebral Palsy. Children may also suffer from severe side effects or poisoning from a dangerous substance or medication. Likewise, a child may be harmed by a defective toy, product, or car restraint.

Many parents of injured children in Manor choose to partner with a seasoned attorney to help give them support and guidance. Navigating the legal system can feel incredibly overwhelming while also managing daily obligations and caring for a sick child. An attorney can step in and take over much of the heavy lifting of a lawsuit by communicating with third parties and filing essential court documents.

Seeking Compensation in Child Injury Cases

To be eligible to request monetary damages for a child’s injury, the child or their parent or legal guardian would need to file an appropriate claim with the court. The timeframe in which they need to do this and what they need to prove to have a claim depends on the specific allegations they are making.

For example, under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003, many injury claims need to be brought within two years after the incident occurred. That said, the injured person may have more time to file a case for a dangerous medication or product. The court pauses the deadline for victims who are under 18, meaning the statute of limitations begins when they are an adult.

Understanding the many different requirements that need to be fulfilled to bring a lawsuit can be daunting. For that reason, a family in Manor may decide to collaborate with a child injury attorney who is well-versed in this area of law.

Call a Manor Lawyer for Assistance After a Child Injury

When a child is hurt because of someone else’s actions, they can encounter many challenges, such as missing out on school, playtime, developmental milestones, and friendships. State law opens the door for concerned family members or others to take a stand in court on behalf of a young person harmed by someone else’s wrongful conduct.

At our firm, we fight for vulnerable and injured youth who are hurt by other’s actions. We approach each case with compassion and respect, understanding the many lives the incident and the outcome may impact. Contact a Manor child injury lawyer at our firm to discuss your legal options.

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