What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Austin

Motorcycles offer less protection than cars, which means riders are more likely to sustain injuries in a crash than drivers or passengers in another type of vehicle. Such injuries may lead to missed work, major medical bills, and significant emotional distress. An attorney can help you file an injury claim to get the compensation you deserve after a motorcycle crash. Our firm can help you learn what to do after a motorcycle accident in Austin.

Filing a Claim After a Motorcycle Crash

After a collision, an injured person’s priorities are getting medical care and reporting the accident. Next, they need to file a claim with the other person’s insurance company. Hiring an attorney can improve the outcome.

Legal representation can effectively argue that the other person’s negligence caused the wreck, comply with any important deadlines, and represent the injured person during a trial if necessary. While recovering from their injuries, they must avoid talking to the other driver’s insurance company, as they may unintentionally hurt their case.

Several types of injuries are common after a motorcycle accident. They include:

All these injuries can require complex and expensive medical treatment and long periods away from work. An attorney can help secure compensation to cover these expenses. An injured person should keep track of all their medical records and any communication with their employer about time off after a motorcycle crash in Austin. This information will help establish the amount of damages they may be eligible for.

What Is Negligence in a Motorcycle Wreck?

Like many injury cases, motorcycle accident claims usually focus on negligence or the idea that people should have behaved appropriately for the situation and did not. When someone does not follow that standard and harms another person, they should compensate the injured person. In a motorcycle collision case, this generally means demonstrating the other person was driving unsafely or illegally.

After a motorcycle crash, a lawyer in Austin can find proof that the other driver was speeding, changing lanes without signaling, or engaging in other risky driving behaviors. An attorney can help to gather evidence, such as traffic-camera footage, witness statements, and police-report details that present information effectively.

What if the Injured Person Was Partly Responsible?

Even when an injured person was also negligent, they can usually receive compensation for their injuries. Texas uses a modified comparative-negligence system. This means the injured person can receive reduced damages if they are less than 50 percent responsible for the accident. For example, when the injured person was 25 percent responsible for the collision and would have otherwise received $10,000, their reduced damages would be $7,500.

Talk to an Attorney About What to do After a Motorcycle Accident in Austin

Understanding what to do after a motorcycle accident in Austin might seem complicated. Hiring an attorney helps you make a strong case while allowing you to focus on recovering from your injuries.

Your lawyer can review the details of your situation and make effective recommendations for moving forward. For guidance from an experienced lawyer, schedule a consultation with Felix Gonzalez Law Firm today.

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