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There are many advantages to living in 21st century Austin. When you get a headache, you can use an over-the-counter pain reliever to make it go away. When you get strep throat, your doctor can prescribe you an antibiotic to make the infection disappear. If you are seriously ill with a chronic ailment, your physician can manage your pain and sickness by treating you with various medications.

For the most part, modern-day medicine is a lifesaver. However, sometimes drugs we take have unexpected, dangerous side effects. This can be traumatic, especially if you were hoping that your medicine would help you recover from a serious illness. Therefore, if you believe that a medication error hurt you, you should seek the advice of an Austin dangerous drugs lawyer. Our dedicated injury attorneys are prepared to protect your rights and help you seek justice.

Claims Involving Negligent Manufacturing

There are multiple different ways that a medical treatment could be considered dangerous or defective. For instance, some cases revolve around the negligence of a pharmaceutical manufacturer. In these types of claims, people suffer injuries because the corporation was careless in producing or marketing a drug. Sometimes pharmaceutical companies make mistakes in the production process, including but not limited to:

  • Not adhering to the precise chemical recipe for a medication
  • Not including tamper safe or childproof lids
  • Mislabeling bottles
  • Failing to include adequate instructions or warnings

If a consumer suspects that a manufacturing defect led to their injury, a seasoned dangerous drugs attorney in Austin can help a consumer get started on this unique kind of claim.

Cases Involving Failure to Disclose Harmful Side Effects

Meanwhile, before releasing them to the public, manufacturers need to test their new drugs for potentially harmful side effects and negative interactions with other medication, according to FDA regulations.

Unfortunately, it is not always in a drug company’s best interest to thoroughly complete the FDA’s rigorous testing protocol. Doing so delays the release of the medication, which also postpones the company’s ability to make a profit. Some manufacturers might be tempted to rush the process and cut corners to get their drug onto the market faster. In addition, although it is unethical, some companies might hide or fail to disclose side effects that they recently discovered. If the public learns that the medicine might be dangerous to them, they might be unwilling to take it, which would hurt the company’s profit margin.

Thankfully, our dedicated attorneys in Austin have a long track record of success in helping injured consumers pursue claims against pharmaceutical companies. They understand when a drug’s side effect would be considered dangerous and can fight to disclose exactly how manipulative production or marketing practices contributed to this. Their detailed understanding of the local, state, and federal rules and regulations can help them determine where the error occurred.

Misinformation and Dangerous Drugs

Finally, some dangerous drugs cases involve misinformation or bad advice that leads to harmful consequences. One example of this type of claim would be if a doctor mistakenly prescribed the wrong drug.

Doctors should get the complete medical history from their patients. They should check to see if their patient is taking a medication that could become dangerous when combined with another treatment. Another example would be if a pharmacist mislabeled the instructions on a pill bottle, causing a patient to take too much of a medicine.

A knowledgeable lawyer in Austin recognizes how misinformation makes a safe drug dangerous and can fight to hold a reckless physician or pharmacy specialist accountable for their behavior.

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Pharmaceutical companies need to produce drugs that safe for their intended purpose. If these organizations know of any harmful effects, they need to clearly disclose them. Doctors and other healthcare workers also need to adhere to professional standards. When they fail to do so, they should be responsible for the errors that they cause.

If you were hurt by a dangerous drug, you should not have to recover from these unexpected side effects without compensation, representation, and personalized guidance. Reach out to an Austin dangerous drugs lawyer today to pinpoint your next steps.

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