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When you purchase a toy, you expect that it will bring joy to your child. You certainly do not expect that the product will malfunction and harm a loved one. Similarly, if you see a commercial advertising a great new appliance, you might go to the store to buy it. You certainly do not expect the product that you saw advertised on television to break unexpectedly and cause a severe injury.

Unfortunately, products cause harm to unsuspecting Austin consumers every day. If a dangerous or defective item hurt you, you could take immediate legal action with the help of our injury attorneys to recover some of your medical costs, lost wages, and more. A knowledgeable Austin defective products lawyer could help you review your legal options.

Possible Defendants in a Dangerous Products Claim

If a consumer sustains harm from using a product, they could pursue a legal claim against everyone involved in the creation, production, marketing, sale, or installation of that defective product. Potential defendants could include the product’s initial designer, manufacturer, and retail seller. If the consumer had a third party install or assemble the product in their home or business, that consumer could also consider a claim against the people who incorrectly assembled or installed it.

A dedicated Austin products liability attorney would consider all avenues of compensation. They would investigate how the injury occurred and help a consumer determine who is potentially legally responsible for paying for the costs of their injuries.

Different Types of Defective Products Claims

There are several different types of cases involving defective products, and each case its own unique strategies and nuances.

Design Defects

These cases allege that, due to the way that a product was imagined, blueprinted, or designed, it is inherently flawed and dangerous. When a design is flawed, all the products manufactured according to that design would have the same defect. Even if the items were manufactured in a safe manner, the entire product line would be potentially dangerous and unsafe.

Manufacturing Errors

Meanwhile, in other cases, a product could be designed safely, but specific instances are dangerous due to manufacturing errors. This happens when the manufacturer somehow deviates from that safe design during the production process. Sometimes, that deviation is intentional, such as when companies decide to use different materials to save money. Other times, mistakes occur due to negligence, such as when somebody forgets to include a particular part. Consumer goods with manufacturing mistakes are often unsafe because they have unpredictable side effects.

Failure to Warn

Finally, even with safe designs and manufacturing, products can hurt consumers when they do not include proper safety instructions. Manufacturers and retailers need to instruct consumers about how to safely use their products. They need to include operating instructions and warnings about possible risks of injury. They also need to anticipate reasonable misuses of their items. If manufacturers fail to warn consumers about potential dangers, they could be responsible for foreseeable injuries due to reasonable misuses of their products.

Figuring out which types of defective product claim to pursue can be a unique challenge for a plaintiff with no legal experience, but a dedicated lawyer in Austin can analyze evidence and find the right action for the circumstances.

Work with an Austin Defective Products Attorney for Best Results

Regardless of whether your injury occurred because a product had a design defect, manufacturing error, or a failure to warn, you should not have to suffer due to a corporation’s negligence. The person responsible for that error should be held accountable for their mistakes. You deserve compensation for your losses, and our firm is here to help.

A skilled Austin defective products lawyer can help you recover the compensation that you need to get back on your feet. To learn more about your options, reach out to our hardworking team members today.

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