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People take bus transportation for many reasons. It is a convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly option. Many commuters ride city buses to get to work to avoid the hassle of taking a car. Parents also trust buses to get their children to school safely.

Unfortunately, bus transportation is not always as safe as it should be. Bus accidents, which happen frequently, can cause serious injuries to passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, or anyone nearby.

If you suffered an injury in a city, school, shuttle, or charter bus crash, an Austin bus accident lawyer can help you pursue financial compensation. When you take your case to one of our diligent injury attorneys, you increase the chances of achieving the case outcome you need.

What Might Cause a Sudden Bus Crash?

Every year, many different types of bus crashes take place. Sometimes, buses collide with other vehicles or stationary objects. In other situations, these vehicles roll over after taking sharp curves.

Driver Negligence

Many of these accidents occur because of a bus driver’s own negligence. Like all other drivers, these employees sometimes make careless or reckless mistakes, such as unsafe lane changing and passing, driving with distractions, or failing to yield to someone else’s right of way. Because they often spend many consecutive hours on the road, they might also cause a crash if they are overly fatigued. Additionally, bus drivers often feel pressure to get to their regularly scheduled stops on time, so they might be tempted to speed.

Many bus accidents attributed to driver negligence are preventable. When bus drivers fail to exercise reasonable care and make safe decisions, they endanger everyone else on the road.

Mechanical Failure

Meanwhile, some crashes occur when electrical systems or parts fail. Public transportation vehicles must adhere to strict maintenance rules and guidelines. Maintenance teams from bus companies must periodically inspect their vehicles’ engines, brakes, and other parts. If these teams skip or fail to complete a required inspection, the bus could unexpectedly breakdown or crash.

Regardless of what happened, collecting evidence from the accident scene is a crucial part of filing a claim. A plaintiff might have trouble doing this while recovering from severe injuries, but a bus accident attorney in Austin can speak with witnesses, examine video footage, or study maintenance logs to strengthen their client’s case.

Potential Defendants in a Bus Crash

It is important to understand that, since bus accidents involve drivers, corporations, and vehicle manufacturers, the average case might involve multiple defendants. For example, if an accident happened because a bus driver was negligent, the survivor of a crash could always sue this individual. However, the driver might not have sufficient funds to cover all the plaintiff’s losses.

When this happens, a claimant can usually take advantage of the theory of vicarious liability to hold the bus company responsible. The bus enterprise would also be liable if the negligence occurred because of their company policies, such as careless hiring or rules that required a driver to stay on the road for too long.

Similarly, if a bus crashed because of a defective part, a skilled lawyer in Austin can help file a claim targeting the negligent vehicle manufacturer. Finally, if faulty maintenance led to the accident, a survivor can seek damages against the bus company or their maintenance company.

Let an Austin Bus Accident Attorney Help You Recover

If you were involved in a crash while riding on a bus, you deserve someone to fight for your rights. Unfortunately, bus companies and their insurers do not always have your best interests in mind. For instance, they are usually more concerned with their bottom line financially than with helping you receive what you deserve.

You need competent legal representation from an Austin bus accident lawyer who is not afraid to stand up to those large corporations. Let an experienced team of lawyers help protect your rights – call today to schedule an appointment.

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