Leander Bicycle Helmet Laws

Road and equipment safety are paramount when riding a bicycle. Disregarding state bike laws can put riders and the people around them in danger of serious injury or even death.

In the event of a bike accident, an injured cyclist may have grounds for an injury lawsuit against the person who hurt them. To keep injuries to a minimum and injury actions viable, cyclists need to be aware of and follow Leander bicycle helmet laws and other safety procedures outlined by the state. An attorney could help you understand how these regulations could affect a lawsuit.

Bicycle Equipment Requirements

In Leander, wearing a bike helmet is not required by law, but the Texas Department of Transportation lists wearing a helmet as the number one safety tip for bike riders in their Texas Guide to Safe Bicycling. The safety guide explains that quality bike helmets are generally made with a hard plastic casing that has a softer foam liner inside. The helmet should rest snuggly against the head, covering the forehead and back of the skull.

The state does have legal requirements for other forms of bicycle equipment. Texas Transportation Code § 551.102 requires cyclists to have lights and reflectors on any bikes when riding at night. White lights must be on the front of the bike to help illuminate the road for the cyclist, and the back of the bike must have red lights or reflectors to help cars on the road see the cyclist.

Bikes also need to be kept in good, working condition. All bikes ridden in public areas must have effective brake systems and properly fitted seats. The Department of Transportation also emphasizes the need to use tires best fitted to the bike model and to keep them filled with the right amount of air. A cyclist should maintain and clean the bike chains for maximum performance and control that increases bike safety. Bike safety equipment is only effective if it is installed and used properly.

Bike Collision Injuries

Wearing the right safety equipment can prevent or lessen injuries caused in a bike accident. Unfortunately, no matter if a Leander biker wears a helmet and follows applicable laws while on the road, the conduct of other riders and drivers can lead to injury-causing collisions.

A bike accident caused by a driver’s negligence can be grounds for an injury lawsuit. Actions like texting while driving, excessive speeding, and running stop signs all breach the standard of care a driver should exercise when they are behind the wheel. Causing an injury because of that breach can be an act of negligence that gives an injured cyclist the ability to sue for monetary damages in court. These injury lawsuits can help cyclists get compensation to cover the cost of their medical care, equipment repairs, and lost wages for any time missed at work during the recovery process.

Let an Attorney in Leander Explain Bicycle Helmet Laws

The state mandates several regulations for bikers. Although no explicit Leander bicycle helmet laws exist, wearing a helmet could protect a rider during a crash. In the event of a bike crash caused by someone else’s unlawful negligence, compensation may be available to you. A personal injury bicycle accident attorney can help you get the financial support you need to aid in your recovery and hold the negligent party responsible for the harm they caused. Reach out to us to learn more about the requirements for bicyclists.

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