Leander Premises Liability Lawyer

Whether you are shopping at a retail store, visiting a friend’s home, or on someone else’s property under any other circumstances, the owners and managers of the land you are visiting have a duty to protect you from reasonably foreseeable harm. Any landowner who fails to fulfill this duty may bear civil liability for any injuries you suffer as a result. However, proving that such a breach of duty happened and establishing fault for your ensuing losses can be much more challenging on practice than it might seem in theory.

Guidance from a Leander premises liability lawyer can be key to effectively and efficiently demanding the compensation you need for the damages you did not deserve to sustain. From helping you prove fault for your injuries to ensuring you can file a comprehensive claim within applicable statutory time limits, your dedicated personal injury attorney’s assistance might make all the difference in how your case plays out and ultimately concludes.

What Duties Do Leander Property Owners Owe to Visitors?

The specific obligations that landowners in Leander and throughout Texas owe to visitors change a bit depending on why a particular visitor is on their land to begin with. Property owners generally owe the greatest duty to people who are visiting lawfully and for the landowner’s benefit, also known as “invitees.” To protect invitees like retail shoppers from harm, landowners must not only provide advance warning of hazards they know about and take steps to remedy those hazards reasonably quickly after learning of them, but also regularly inspect their own property so they can discover and appropriately address unknown dangers.

If someone is a “licensee,” meaning they are someone like a guest at a private residence visiting for their own purposes, the landowner still has a responsibility to warn them about known hazards and address those hazards in a reasonable time frame. However, a landowner usually cannot be held liable for injuries to a licensee caused by hazards they had no actual knowledge of. Finally, as a Leander property liability attorney can explain, landowners generally have no liability whatsoever for accidental injuries sustained by trespassers.

Deadlines for Filing a Premises Liability Claim

Regardless of how an injury happened or what long-term repercussions it may have, a person who gets hurt on someone else’s land due to that property owner’s misconduct has a limited amount of time to file suit. Specifically, Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003 provides most prospective personal injury plaintiffs two years after initially getting hurt to begin the litigation process.

Once again, there are a few rare exceptions to this rule, but in general, failing to file before this deadline expires will completely cut an injured person off from ever collecting compensation. Support from a seasoned premises liability lawyer in Leander can be vital to building and filing a strong claim in the time allowed by law.

Consider Working with a Leander Premises Liability Attorney

Holding a landowner liable for negligence that led to you getting hurt on their property is far from simple, even under the most favorable circumstances. If you try to proceed with a claim like this without seasoned legal representation on your side, your odds of securing a favorable case result are likely slim.

Fortunately, the help you need is available from a dedicated and dependable Leander premises liability lawyer. Call today for a consultation.

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