Leander Slip and Fall Lawyer

Falling unexpectedly on someone else’s property can leave you with serious injuries and a surprisingly complicated path towards financial recovery for your ensuing losses. Even if it seems obvious that a landowner failed to take appropriate care of their land, proving you got hurt as a direct result of their negligence can require extensive evidence.

Fortunately, our dedicated personal injury attorneys know how to handle a situation like yours proactive and effectively. A Leander slip and fall lawyer’s support can make all the difference in whether your lawsuit or settlement negotiations end in your favor and you get the restitution you need for your damages.

What Makes a Landowner Liable for an Accidental Fall?

Importantly, premises liability law in Texas does not hold landowners automatically liable for every single accident which happens on their property. Instead, state law imposes different “duties of care” on landowners, which they owe to different types of visitors on their property. Additionally, what counts as a “breach” and whether or not a plaintiff can file a claim depends on what the visitor was doing on a property to begin with.

In general, though, a property owner who knows about a hazardous condition that could cause someone to slip or trip but does not take action within a reasonable period of time to address the hazard could be considered negligent and responsible for any resulting injuries.Examples of hazards that might cause someone to slip and fall include:

  • Liquid spills or standing water
  • Ice buildup
  • Frayed carpeting
  • Broken or loose floor tiles
  • Uneven or broken stairs
  • Broken handrails
  • Lack of proper lighting
  • Clutter or debris in walking paths

A Leander trip and fall attorney can discuss a particular situation in a confidential setting and offer guidance about whether legal action might be possible and prudent.

Compensation After a Painful Slip and Fall

If a landowner directly causes a property visitor to fall and get hurt through negligent property maintenance, that owner may bear financial liability for every form of harm that visitor sustains due to their injuries. Recoverable economic damages can include expenses for medical treatment someone receives immediately after a slip and fall accident and also costs associated with long-term treatment or assistive equipment like walkers or wheelchairs. It is also possible to seek compensation for short-term and long-term loss of work earnings or reduced earning capacity.

On the non-economic side of things, a plaintiff can usually seek damages for physical pain and suffering, emotional trauma, lost consortium, and reduced overall quality of life. Once again, a slip and fall lawyer in Leander can go into further detail during a private meeting about what damages a particular person could seek recovery for.

Get in Touch with a Leander Slip and Fall Attorney

Unexpected falls onto hard surfaces or from elevated heights can lead to injuries that fundamentally alter your life in physical, financial, and personal ways. If a property owner’s failure to care properly for their land is the main reason you got hurt, understanding and enforcing your right to pursue civil recovery could be vital to preserving your quality of life now and well into the future.

A Leander slip and fall lawyer can be your ally from start to finish of your legal proceedings. Call today to get started.

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