Distracted Driving Car Accidents in Leander

When operating a multi-ton motor vehicle at high speeds, even a single second of delay in reacting to something on the road ahead can be long enough to lead to a catastrophic collision. Unfortunately, not everyone who drives understands how dangerous being distracted behind the wheel can be. This sometimes leads to them causing wrecks that could have been avoided with more care and consideration.

When you are injured under circumstances like this recently, the irresponsible driver who caused the harm should pay for every economic and non-economic consequence those injuries have. However, receiving fair compensation after distracted driving car accidents in Leander can be more challenging than you might think. You should think twice before trying to file a claim without a seasoned car crash attorney on your side.

Is Distracted Driving Against the Law?

Under state law, it is illegal for any driver of any age to read, write, or send text-based messages on any mobile communications device while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. This is a primary traffic offense, which means police officers can pull someone over solely for being on their phone while driving, even if that driver has not committed any other traffic offense.

Texting and smartphone use are not the only ways someone could be distracted while driving, though. While personal grooming, reading a book, or reaching for something in the passenger seat are all irresponsible, they are not expressly illegal under state law. Fortunately, proving that someone else acted irresponsibly behind the wheel can often be enough to hold them financially liable for the consequences of an ensuing wreck. Investigating exactly how a distracted driving car collision occurred is one of many services a skilled Leander attorney could provide.

Getting Paid Fairly Within Filing Deadlines

Since distracted drivers often end up causing wrecks at high speeds, the injuries and subsequent losses caused by these crashes tend to be especially severe. When filing suit in Leander over distracted driving car accidents, it is vital to account for both past and future forms of harm that the incident is likely to result in, including:

  • Emergency medical bills and expected future care costs, including rehabilitative treatments like physical therapy and assistive equipment like crutches or wheelchairs
  • Personal property damage, including vehicle repair or replacement costs
  • Lost short-term work income or long-term working capacity
  • Physical discomfort and pain
  • Emotional distress and psychological suffering
  • Lost quality of life, including lost consortium

As per Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003, a person hurt in an accident caused by another’s misconduct has two years to file suit. Time is always of the essence after a serious traffic collision.

Contact an Attorney for Help Recovering from Distracted Driving Car Accidents in Leander

Distracted drivers put themselves and everyone around them in harm’s way whenever they take their full attention off the road. When one of these irresponsible drivers causes a wreck that leaves you seriously injured, they should be the one to pay for your crash-related losses.

Getting the compensation you need following a distracted driving car accident in Leander can be much easier with support from a seasoned lawyer. Call today to discuss your options.

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