Drunk Driving Car Accidents in Leander

Driving while drunk is one of the most reckless things that a person can do while behind the wheel. Ingesting any amount of alcohol significantly reduces a person’s reaction times and affects their ability to make reasonable decisions. Fortunately, a driver who makes the poor choice to drink and drive is responsible for their actions. After causing a drunk driving crash, a driver might face criminal penalties, the loss of a license, jail time, an many other civil penalties.

A dedicated car wreck attorney can help people who have suffered injuries in drunk driving car accidents in Leander. Our legal team can investigate whether the other driver was drunk, determine the outcome of the relevant criminal case, and demand the compensation you need to get back on your feet.

Drunk Driving Laws in Leander

Every driver knows that it is illegal to drive while drunk. However, state law specifically describes what it means to drive drunk, and understanding this concept plays a key role in many drunk driving car accident cases.

According to Texas Penal Code §12 (B), a person can violate drunk driving laws in two ways. First, a person who has a blood/alcohol content of .08 percent or more is automatically in violation of the law. Police usually gather evidence of this intoxication by the application of a blood, breath, urine, or saliva test.

Second, it is illegal to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Police officers usually use their personal observations after pulling a driver over to determine whether they are impaired.

Regardless of the justification for a drunk driving arrest, a conviction or guilty plea in a criminal court is powerful evidence of civil liability for a crash. The concept of negligence per se means that if a person was in violation of a law leading up to a crash, a court can presume that person’s fault for the accident.

A proactive attorney in Leander can track a drunk driving accident case through the criminal court system to determine if they can use it as evidence of fault in a plaintiff’s civil demand for compensation. Using this information, they can assemble powerful demands for compensation.

Seeking Out Fair Compensation Following a Drunk Driving Crash

People who suffer harm because of the poor decisions of others deserve the compensation that they need to make a full recovery. As applied to drunk driving car accidents, this means seeking out payments to cover the costs of medical treatment, reductions in quality of life, and missing income. Just as it is the job of injured people to prove that another driver was responsible for a crash, it is also their job to demonstrate how the incident has impacted their lives.

Working with an attorney allows them to take the lead in both these areas. A skilled Leander lawyer can perform an investigation to determine how another driver’s intoxication led to the crash and how that this drunk driving wreck impacted a person’s life. The combination of proving fault for a crash and demonstrating the extent of a person’s losses is the best way to collect fair payments.

Call Our Attorneys About Drunk Driving Car Accidents in Leander

Every person who operates a vehicle while drunk endangers themselves and every other person on the road. Consuming alcohol and then driving is not only against the law, but it can also be an indicator that a person is liable for all resulting damage that they cause to others. Common losses in drunk driving cases include physical injuries, emotional traumas, and lost income.

Fortunately, our legal team can help you seek compensation after a drunk driving car accident in Leander. Our dedicated attorneys can provide more information about drunk driving laws and how criminal liability could serve as proof of fault for your injuries. Contact our offices today to get started on your case.

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