Hit and Run Car Accidents in Leander

Under state law, anyone involved in an auto crash must stop at the scene, provide personal details and insurance information to everyone else involved, and help anyone in need. Failure to follow these rules can result in serious and even felony-level criminal sanctions, but that, unfortunately, does not stop some people from trying to flee the scene after a wreck and avoid both criminal and civil liability for their misconduct.

When you are hurt in a hit and run car accident in Leander, having skilled legal representation on your side can be even more important than usual when securing compensation for your crash-related losses. Even if the police cannot find the person who hit you, a dedicated car collision attorney can still help you understand and make effective use of your recovery options through your own insurance coverage.

The Role of Legal Counsel After a Hit and Run Car Crash

After a hit and run, investigating the incident and identifying the person who illegally left the scene mostly falls to law enforcement authorities. As part of this process, police officers will often look for the same evidence a lawyer might use when constructing a civil claim, including statements from witnesses, photos and videos of the accident scene, surveillance camera footage, and descriptions of the person’s vehicle and physical appearance.

Police will only investigate hit and run wrecks to the extent necessary to bring criminal charges against the person who committed the crime. They will not do any of the work necessary to facilitate civil recovery. Retaining a skilled legal professional quickly after a hit and run car collision in Leander can be key to improving an injured person’s chances of getting fair compensation for their damages. A person and their legal counsel need to build a separate civil case with no connection to any criminal case stemming from the same incident.

Making the Most of Car Insurance Coverage

Under state law, every motor vehicle owner must purchase at least $25,000 worth of liability insurance for property damage, $30,000 of coverage for a single person’s injuries, and $60,000 of coverage for all injuries stemming from a single accident. This minimum coverage can provide compensation to other people rather than the policyholder. The standard procedure after an auto wreck is for each involved person to seek restitution through the other person’s insurance coverage—which can be substantially more difficult if one party illegally flees the scene.

When police cannot identify a hit and run driver that caused a vehicle accident in Leander, the only recovery option for an injured person may be making claims under other types of insurance they obtained before the incident. It can be essential to pay a little extra for coverage like collision insurance, personal injury protection coverage, and especially, uninsured motorist insurance, which every insurance provider is required to offer to all policyholders in some form or another.

Talk to an Attorney After Hit and Run Car Accidents in Leander

Hit and run car crashes can be traumatic and uniquely frustrating, especially when you suffer severe injuries as a result of the wreck. Fortunately, help is available from our experienced legal professionals who know how to make the most of challenging situations like this.

After hit and run car accidents in Leander, you should prioritize speaking with a lawyer about your recovery options. Schedule a consultation by calling today.

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