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A building collapse is a worst-case scenario in the construction industry. Not only do these accidents result in catastrophic economic losses, but they also have the potential to cause devastating bodily injuries. Often, these injuries are fatal.

Fortunately, those who survive a building collapse could pursue legal action with a dedicated construction accident attorney’s assistance. If you or a loved one was the victim of a building collapse during construction, you do not have to handle your case alone. Our seasoned construction accident attorneys can help.  A San Antonio building collapse lawyer can provide the counsel you need to move forward with an injury claim.

Home Building Collapses Happen

Buildings can collapse and injure workers in many different ways. Often, these collapses occur while the building is still under construction. This is common because buildings are typically less sturdy before they are completed.

One natural factor in a building collapse is extreme weather. While uncommon, everything from heavy winds to natural disasters like floods or earthquakes could lead to a collapse. When a construction company fails to take steps to secure a building from severe weather, it could face liability for any resulting injuries.

Some building collapses occur to basic safety violations. Incorrectly storing flammable material or installing faulty wiring could lead to a fire, which could bring down a building in short order.

In some collapses, the culprit is human error. Mistakes made during construction, particularly during critical welding work, can result in a collapse. The same is true when inspections are not completed regularly. Failing to detect a dangerous hazard can also play a part in causing a collapse.

Finally, some accidents occur due to the materials used. Builders that cut corners and use inferior materials or equipment not rated for construction work could be responsible for a collapse. The same is true for defective material used by the construction company. Ultimately, a building collapse attorney in San Antonio can review the accident and determine how it happened.

Pursuing a Lawsuit Following a Building Collapse

In the aftermath of a building collapse, it may not always be possible for an injured construction worker to file a lawsuit against a negligent employer. According to state law, the workers’ compensation system is the primary source of benefits for work-related injuries. In return, employees may not file a civil lawsuit against their employer or co-workers. There are some situations where a lawsuit is allowed under the law, however.

While the law requires most employers to maintain workers’ compensation insurance, many fail to do so. When this happens, it is possible to sue an employer directly for their negligence.

It is also possible to file a suit against a negligent third party. If a worker is hurt in a building collapse due to defective equipment, for example, they could file a lawsuit against the manufacturer with help from a San Antonio attorney.

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While building collapses are uncommon, they are also frequently devastating. If you suffered injuries in a collapse, you could face the financial, physical, and emotional consequences for the rest of your life.

Thankfully, you could have the right to see monetary compensation for your losses. To learn more, call a San Antonio building collapse lawyer right away.

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