San Antonio Falling Object Construction Injuries Lawyer

It is important for both construction site workers and passersby to guard against falling objects. One way to do this is to wear a hard hat or protective covering while either working at—or passing under—construction sites.

A San Antonio falling object construction injuries lawyer can thoroughly investigate your case to establish negligence. This means you argue your injuries are the result of the construction company breaching its duty to protect employees, passersby, and, in some cases, the general public from falling materials. Reach out to a construction accident attorney to discuss your claim options.

Types of Injuries and Damages in Falling Object Construction Injury Cases

Falling materials in a construction zone can cause severe and fatal injuries. Examples of falling objects are tape measures, debris, equipment, bricks, water, and personal belongings such as cell phones or wallets. A dedicated falling object construction injury attorney in San Antonio can develop an effective plan and strategy to help individuals and families receive monetary compensation.

Some of the most common injuries in falling construction object worker compensation cases are damage to the head and skull, brain,  back and spinal cord, and arms and legs.

Damage award amounts can come in the form of monetary compensation and can cover loss of wages, loss of companionship, medical bills, and emotional distress. Compensation can come from worker compensation payments, death benefits, or a lump sum payment in an injury lawsuit. A knowledgeable attorney can help an individual receive the compensation they deserve.

Determining Liability in Falling Objects Cases

Often, liability and negligence in dropped objects construction cases are questions of fact. Both state law and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provide guidelines construction companies have to follow. Some safety steps the law requires construction companies to take are:

  • Ensuring workers are trained and licensed
  • Ensuring workers have safety equipment, legally required tools, and protective uniforms
  • Ensuring visible warning and detour signs are posted for workers and pedestrians.

In an injury case, the person or family has to prove the building company or reckless person was at least 51 percent negligent per Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 33.001. A San Antonio falling materials building site lawyer can help an injured person and their family prove negligence and recover damages for the harm caused.

Workers Compensation Insurance and Dependency Claims

A person injured from a falling object while at work can file a worker’s compensation claim. This also means, in most cases, a worker cannot sue the employer for personal injury. Texas Labor Code § 408 provides the legal basis for worker’s compensation benefits. Under the statute, surviving spouses, children, and other dependents can receive benefits to cover funeral expenses and loss of income. Surviving spouses and children can only receive weekly benefits for their loved ones for 104-364 weeks per Texas Labor Code § 408.183. When you lose a loved one in a falling object construction incident, a San Antonio lawyer can help you file a death benefits claim.

A San Antonio Falling Object Construction Injuries Attorney Can Help With a Claim

Workers and pedestrians cannot foresee every possible incident of a dropped object at a construction site. These incidents are far too often the result of a negligent construction company or worker. When you or a loved one was harmed, contact a San Antonio falling objects construction injuries lawyer for more information about your compensation options.

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