San Antonio Construction Site Slip and Fall Accidents

As the population of San Antonio continues to grow, the need for new construction grows with it. Work at these sites is often dangerous, however, especially in the case of slip and fall accidents. It is not uncommon for workers to suffer debilitating or even life-threatening injuries following a fall.

If you have were involved in a construction accident, the resulting injuries could dramatically impact your ability to earn a living or lead a comfortable lifestyle in the future. Speak with a skilled San Antonio attorney about construction site slip and fall accidents right away to review your legal options.

Slip and Fall Hazards in Construction Sites

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places on their own. When the operators of these sites fail to take the steps necessary to avoid hazards, injuries become likely. The dangers that can lead to a slip and fall on a construction site are numerous.

Loose equipment and debris are some of the most common causes of construction site slips and falls. These hazards could include discarded materials or equipment that was not stored properly. When the management at a construction site fails to require workers to keep walkways clear, the risk of a fall increases.

These accidents are also commonly related to spilled liquids. This could include anything from a leaking water line to spilled oil or grease that was never cleaned up. The failure to enforce required footwear among the workforce could also play into these accidents.

Sometimes hazards are unavoidable. In their incomplete form, many buildings have large gaps, missing stairs, and other trip and fall hazards. While these dangers might not be avoidable, the failure to warn workers could be negligent. Proper warnings could include roping off certain areas, marking them with cones, or placing signs.

Common Fall Injuries

Two factors determine the type and severity of an injury that comes with a fall accident at a construction site in San Antonio. The first is the height that the fall occurs from. The second is the area of the body that absorbs the impact. Falls from a substantial height typically result in more severe injuries, as do falls that result in an impact on a person’s neck or head. Some of the injuries common in slip and falls include:

  • Head trauma
  • Severe neck or back injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations

When a construction worker falls on the job, the resulting injuries could disrupt their life and career. The cost of medical care can be extreme, especially for those workers facing lost income due to their injury. By pursuing an injury claim, a worker involved in a slip and fall accident could obtain monetary compensation for their fall-related damages. Maximizing the potential compensation from a construction site slip and fall accident claim could start with a discussion with a San Antonio lawyer.

Talk to an Attorney About San Antonio Construction Site Slip and Fall Accidents

If you are hurt at work in a slip and fall accident, you should never assume you do not have the right to file an injury lawsuit. There are a number of situations where a lawsuit could be appropriate, and your attorney could advise you on all of them.

Let a San Antonio attorney guide you through your construction site slip and fall claim. Call today to get started.

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