San Antonio Construction Site Toxic Exposure Lawyer

A lot of times, when we have negative experiences on the job, we simply want to move on and forget the incident. An accident, such as an exposure to toxic chemicals on a construction site, can be difficult to move on from. Many times, construction accidents are the result of a negligent company. When you are a worker or pedestrian who has been exposed to toxic chemicals at a construction site, call a skilled construction accident attorney.

A determined San Antonio construction site toxic exposure lawyer can stand by your side and help you receive the monetary compensation you deserve. Reimbursement for your injuries and the long-term health consequences.

Exposure to Toxins at a Construction Site

Exposure to toxic chemicals at building sites can happen in many ways, such as a worker breathing in harmful chemicals without OSHA-required masks. This can also happen when a person working with poisonous chemicals touches any part of their skin. No matter how toxic exposure happens, it can take decades for an injured person to show symptoms. This can make it difficult for a person or their family to establish negligence.

A person and their attorney must prove the construction company failed to uphold its duty to the worker and, as a result, the toxic exposure incident happened. A knowledgeable attorney in San Antonio can help an individual and their family establish that the company was at least 51 percent responsible for the construction site toxic exposure incident.

Common Types of Toxic Exposures at Construction Sites

There are too many toxic chemicals to name that circulate among construction sites. Many companies protect workers and the general public from exposure to these chemicals. However, there are companies that fail to use toxic substances with a reasonable concern for health and safety. Some common toxic chemicals workers and pedestrians are exposed to include:

  • Fuel for diesel engines
  • Fumes from a fire and foam from fire extinguishers
  • Benzene
  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestos
  • Toxic metals

Exposure to poisonous substances can cause severe and devastating injuries. Some of these injuries can be fatal. An individual exposed to toxic chemicals typically sustains respiratory problems, cancer, rashes, memory loss, heart problems, high blood pressure, bone decay, and problems with cognitive functioning. A toxic exposure lawyer in San Antonio could work with a construction worker to recover the maximum amount of monetary compensation for injuries.

Dependency Benefit Claims

A worker and their family can receive benefits through workers’ compensation. Under Texas Labor Code § 408, surviving spouses, children, and other dependents can receive benefits to cover funeral expenses and loss of income. A construction site toxic exposure attorney in San Antonio can help a person determine the correct claim to pursue to secure compensation.

How to Contact a San Antonio Construction Site Toxic Exposure Lawyer

A San Antonio construction site toxic exposure lawyer can help you seek monetary compensation for your losses. Chemical exposure does not always present itself immediately. An attorney can work to prove an exposure caused severe injuries and losses. Call our firm to learn more about your legal options.

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