San Antonio Construction Site Brain Injury Lawyer

With the steady flow of construction happening at any given time, many building companies rely on contractors and subcontractors for a variety of services. With these services come risks. People who work on construction sites are aware of the dangers and tend to follow safety measures and take personal precautions. However, no worker can foresee every workplace negligent accident that might occur.

Incidents such as a fall or dropped equipment can cause brain injuries to the worker. In many cases, these injuries are life-altering and sometimes even fatal. When you or a loved one sustains head trauma, contact a San Antonio construction site brain injury lawyer for assistance.

A hardworking construction accident attorney can file your worker’s compensation or death benefits claim and help you file an injury lawsuit in certain situations. Each case is different and comes with combative negligent companies and insurance companies.

Signs of a Construction Site Traumatic Brain Injury

Many times, brain damage happening on construction sites is severe. General signs of a building site traumatic brain injury are:

  • Difficulty doing everyday tasks
  • Signs of aggression or uncontrollable emotions
  • Problems with balance and orientation
  • Falling or passing out at work after being involved in an onsite accident
  • Slurred speech and vision problems
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Mild to severe memory loss

When you or a loved one was involved in a head injury accident at a building site, an attorney is ready to help.

Types of Damages Available to Workers

A worker involved in a construction site incident can receive compensatory and punitive damages. Compensatory damages are typically financial payments. These payments can come in the form of weekly or monthly worker compensation payments to the worker or in the form of survivorship benefits to the family.

When a worker files an injury lawsuit, they can receive specific compensation to cover medical expenses and emotional stress. Punitive damages are actions the court takes to punish the negligent person or company. For example, a court can suspend a company’s construction or trade license as a punitive damage. The court can also require those negligent to pay resolution or hefty fines.

In injury and wrongful death cases, the person bringing the lawsuit has to prove the person or company is at least 51 percent responsible for the accident causing the brain injury per Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 33.001. This rule to determine fault in cases of negligence is referred to as the proportionate responsibility rule. A competent construction site brain injury lawyer in San Antonio can present a successful argument establishing negligence and resulting in monetary compensation for workers and families.

Let a San Antonio Construction Site Brain Injury Attorney Help Secure Compensation

A San Antonio construction zone brain injury lawyer can help establish negligence so dedicated construction workers and families can receive adequate monetary compensation. Compensation can help to cover day-to-day costs, as well as future living expenses. Contact us to learn more about your claim options and possible compensation.

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