Fires and Explosions on San Antonio Construction Sites

Construction work comes with many hazards. Thousands of workers are injured on poorly regulated construction sites each year. One of the most common type of accidents that occur on construction sites includes fires and explosions. There are many reasons why a fire could break out such as loose electrical wires, smoking, and poor maintenance of construction tools. Worksite regulation is on both a state and federal level, and the employer may be at fault for any accidents that occur on a construction site.

If you have been a victim of fires and explosions on San Antonio construction sites, you should reach out to a legal professional to learn how to hold a negligent construction company accountable. A construction accident lawyer can help you obtain compensation for all of your damages and injuries. You can file a suit for medical reimbursement, pain and suffering, time out of work, and several other categories of compensation.

Fire and Explosion Fault

Accidents happen, but fire and explosion accidents at construction sites are often the result of negligence. In a fire or explosion incident, some situations may merit a lawsuit. The construction company or third-party could be held liable if they did not take the necessary steps to prevent construction workers and others from serious harm.

Missing Safety Practices

If an employer does not practice legally required safety procedures at the worksite, they may be responsible for the resulting accident. In these cases, a legal professional may review the evidence, speak with other employees, and investigate any safety protocol failures. The outcome may be that the employer has to pay punitive damages, medical bills, and pain and suffering compensation because they failed to act within the law.

Third-Party Involvement

If a third-party was involved in the fire or explosion, they might be responsible for the damages. For example, if a piece of equipment that was used and regulated correctly by the construction company malfunctions and causes an explosion, the employee may have a case against the manufacturer.

 A legal consultation may be appropriate, even if it is not immediately apparent who is responsible for a fire or explosion on a construction worksite. A quality attorney can investigate employers and third parties for any short fallings that lead to the incident. Experienced lawyers know the right questions to ask and the procedures to follow to reach the most desirable outcome for their clients.

Construction Fire and Explosion Attorneys are Standing By

Fires and explosions on San Antonio construction sites are not overly common, but their results can be devastating. If you were injured on a construction site due to a fire or explosion, after seeking medical attention, you should reach out to an experienced attorney.  Whether you are working against an employer or a third party that is at fault, a San Antonio lawyer who specializes in construction site fires and explosions may be able to help you get the compensation you need. Call today to learn more about fires and explosions on San Antonio construction sites.

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