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The long-term impacts of paralytic injuries can extend far beyond the physical changes in one’s body. You may also face mounting medical bills, lost earning potential, and extreme emotional distress. While your present situation may feel overbearing, this is the time to prepare for your future by holding those responsible for your injuries accountable by consulting a local catastrophic injury attorney. A San Antonio paralysis injury lawyer could work with you and your family, gather necessary evidence, understand your needs going forward, and aggressively represent you in settlement negotiations or in court.

Costs Associated with Paralyzing Injuries

A paralysis injury can inalterably change an individual’s life and the lives of their families. A victim’s daily routines may now revolve around:

  • Ongoing physical and occupational therapy
  • Chronic medical issues
  • Frequent doctor appointments and hospital visits
  • Assistance with and extra time to perform daily tasks
  • Alternative care for children

Often, those who have sustained a paralysis injury are unable to return to work and may require daily medical care. This circumstance may leave a family with escalating expenses, as well as limited income and insufficient health insurance.

With estimates that lifetime expenses potentially reaching into the millions, consulting a tenacious San Antonio attorney who regularly handles paralysis injury cases may be in your best interest.

Identifying the Liable Party After a San Antonio Paralysis Accident

Paralysis occurs when the body’s nervous system is damaged, and signals from the brain cannot tell muscles to move or respond in the desired way. Accidents, medical mistakes, and defective or dangerous products are common causes of paralysis. The injured party may need a seasoned San Antonio paralysis injury lawyer to prove another party’s negligence.

Medical Errors that Cause Paralysis

Cases alleging injury caused by misdiagnosis, error in treatment, or surgical mistakes must follow strict procedures for filing claims, giving notice, and utilizing expert testimony. With some exceptions, medical mistake claims must be brought within two years of the injury, and the law caps both compensatory and exemplary damages.

Dangerous and Defective Products that Paralyze Consumers

Typically, cases based on the imperfect design, manufacture, and marketing of products involve multiple defendants and are legally complex. These cases do not turn on the negligence of those in the supply chain. Instead, strict liability applies – if the product caused harm, someone in the supply chain is likely liable.

Proving strict liability has many legal requirements, so consulting with a local attorney versed in paralysis and products liability law may allow victims to achieve the most beneficial result.

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After experiencing a paralytic injury, understandably, you may be hyper-focused on your immediate challenges, but the long-term impacts of your injury may be extensive. With careful planning and an experienced San Antonio paralysis injury lawyer as your guide, you may be able to secure compensation to cover all the full value of your injuries and damages. For a full review of your case, reach out to one of our experienced and compassionate paralysis injury attorneys today.

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