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Although going to work is not always fun, you should be able to count on your workplace being safe. For instance, most worksites are considerably safer today than just a few decades ago, since employees now benefit from advancements in technology and better oversight from local, state, and federal government agencies. Unfortunately, workplace accidents still occur, sometimes causing life-altering injuries or trauma.

If you suffered an injury while working, you might find it hard to make ends meet as you look for ways to pay your medical bills and other expenses. Fortunately, a Live Oak workplace injury lawyer can help you pursue monetary damages through a civil claim. Get support from a well-practiced personal injury attorney.

Worker’s Compensation Versus a Third-Party Claim

Sometimes people can collect workers’ compensation benefits from their employers’ insurers. Unfortunately, not all injured workers are eligible for workers’ comp, and certain businesses do not carry workers’ compensation insurance. In other instances, injured workers do not fall under the category of employees, meaning the statutory protections do not cover them. Even if they can collect workers’ comp benefits, some injured workers might find that the benefits do not provide enough money to fully cover their losses. For instance, workers’ compensation benefits do not cover pain and suffering or other non-economic losses that people can pursue in civil suits. If injuries happened because of someone other than their employer, a plaintiff might find it in their best interest to pursue a third-party claim against the responsible party.

Third-party claims are different from a standard worker’s compensation case. To succeed, an injured worker needs to prove that someone else caused the accident that led to their injury. A seasoned legal team member can help an injured worker look for evidence demonstrating another person’s negligence resulted in their accident.

As with all injury suits, survivors of workplace injuries do not have unlimited time to file lawsuits. In most situations, an injured worker in Texas must bring a claim within two years after their injury. Speaking with a legal representative as soon as possible after an accident is critical to the success of a future legal claim. In the days and weeks following an injury at work, a skilled attorney in Live Oak can carefully gather and secure the evidence necessary to file a claim for compensation.

Possible Sources of Recovery After a Workplace Accident

It is key to understand that more than one party can be legally responsible for injuries occurring at workplaces. For example, the third parties who might be liable after an injury on the job include:

  • Other contractors on a job site
  • Subcontractors
  • Trade workers, such as electricians, roofers, or carpenters
  • Building owners
  • General contractors
  • Maintenance companies
  • Other drivers, commercial trucking employers, and insurers
  • Manufacturers of defective equipment

An experienced Live Oak lawyer can investigate a workplace accident that led to the injuries. A legal representative can examine all the relevant evidence and demonstrate exactly who needs to assume responsibility for the incident in question.

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If someone caused you to suffer an on-the-job injury, that person should not avoid responsibility for their wrongful actions. Thankfully, a dedicated Live Oak workplace injury lawyer can fight tirelessly to obtain justice. Our legal team can help you gain financial compensation from a negligent defendant. Contact our legal professionals today to discuss your options.

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