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Construction sites are often dangerous places to work, visit, or even walk or drive through. They usually have a lot of activity happening throughout the day. Many people perform different tasks with various tools, vehicles, and machinery. As a result, accidents at construction sites are alarmingly common. Some of these accidents cause debilitating injuries.

If you suffered serious harm at a construction site, you might be able to recover some of your losses related to your injuries. Retaining a personal injury attorney can be crucial to gaining fair compensation. A Live Oak construction accident lawyer could investigate your situation to see if you have a viable claim for legal compensation.

Types of Construction Accidents

The variety of activities occurring on construction sites can cause many different types of accidents. Most commonly, people suffer injuries from falls. Workers at construction sites frequently work on ladders or scaffolding. Falls from high heights can result in terrible injuries. Severe injuries also often happen when debris, tools, or other objects fall from heights onto people.

Electrical problems, such as faulty or exposed wiring, can also lead to electrocution or fires. Malfunctioning machinery can even cause serious injuries. Many construction site injuries occur due to automobile accidents, such as when two vehicles crash or when one vehicle strikes a construction worker or bystander.

Regardless of the type of construction incident, a diligent attorney in Live Oak can help. They have vast experience helping construction accident survivors recover what they need to resume productive lives.

Who to Hold Responsible for a Construction Accident?

People injured in construction accidents are not always eligible to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. Sometimes, their employers do not carry workers’ comp. Other times, a party other than an employer is at fault. Thankfully, injured people can often pursue claims against more than one third party.

Property Owners

Landowners owe must keep their property and space reasonably safe for visitors. If a claimant suffered an injury while they were spending time legally on a construction site, our legal team members can help an injured claimant pursue a premises liability claim.

The duty of care does not always extend to trespassers illegally entering construction sites. A landowner is generally only liable for an adult trespasser’s injuries if they intentionally injured or acted grossly negligent to the trespasser. However, if a child trespasses onto a construction site because they consider it an attractive nuisance, the owner of a space could be liable for the young child’s injuries.

Manufacturers or Distributors of Defective Machinery

A construction worker could pursue a claim against the manufacturer of a defective piece of machinery or equipment that led to their injuries.

Chemical Companies

If a construction worker or visitor becomes ill due to exposure to toxic substances, they might be able to sue the chemical company that produced the dangerous material.


Many accidents on construction sites happen because of subcontractors or third-party contractors, such as painters or other professionals.

A hardworking lawyer in Live Oak can investigate an incident at a construction site to see how it occurred. They could comb through police and medical reports, speak with witnesses, and prove that someone else’s negligence led to preventable injuries.

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A serious construction accident can permanently change your life. You might have to take a lot of time off from work. Without a paycheck, you might be unable to pay your medical bills or care for your loved ones. If someone caused your injury due to their recklessness, they should assume responsibility for the cost of your losses.

A Live Oak construction accident lawyer can help you file a claim for compensation after being injured on a job site. Successfully resolving a claim can provide you with the money you need to get back on your feet. Call today.

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