Live Oak Dog Bite Lawyer

Live Oak is a city of animal lovers. Many families have cats and dogs, and they often treat them like members of their families. For the most part, family pets bring joy and comfort to people. Unfortunately, sometimes dogs act more like wild animals than domestic pets. Dog bites can leave people with physical, emotional, and financial scars.

If you are struggling to heal after an attack, you should discuss your accident with a Live Oak dog bite lawyer. A well-informed attorney can help you obtain financial compensation from the dog’s owner. Filing a claim with the assistance of a personal injury attorney can ensure that you earn what you deserve.

Common Injuries Sustained After an Animal Attack

Even small dogs can bite hard and severely harm a person. Animal bites can cause puncture wounds and deep lacerations, leading to permanent scars and disfigurement. Depending on the severity of the attack, dog bites can cause significant blood loss and nerve damage. If not treated correctly and promptly, dog bites can become infected. Larger dogs can even knock a person over, sometimes causing broken bones, sprains, torn ligaments, or bruises.

Sadly, children are frequently the victims of dog attacks. Kids may not know how to approach animals safely. They often run towards them and get close to a dog’s face. Because of their small size, children can suffer serious injuries on their faces, necks, and heads.

In addition to physical wounds, dog attack survivors often endure emotional distress. They might experience post-traumatic stress or anxiety every time they see a dog. A person might need extensive therapy to address their newfound fear of pets.

While an injured person recuperates from their wounds, they might not be able to work. Costly medical bills combined with lost wages can add to the stress of the situation. A seasoned attorney in Live Oak understands how traumatic a dog attack can be. A legal representative can work with an attack survivor to assess their losses and obtain a damages award that adequately compensates them.

Steps to Take After a Domestic Animal Attack in Live Oak

After any dog attack, the first concern should be receiving a medical evaluation and treatment for injuries. A dog bite survivor could later use a doctor’s medical record of their injuries as evidence of what they suffered during a dog attack.

After receiving medical care, an attack survivor should try to obtain evidence to prove their claim. An experienced legal team can help gather and secure relevant information, such as eyewitness testimony, photographs, police reports, medical records, and insurance information. An attorney could also interview neighbors and other people familiar with the dog to see if it had a history of prior attacks. A practiced lawyer in Live Oak can work tirelessly to build a strong dog bite case.

Let a Live Oak Dog Bite Attorney Assist You

An attack from a domestic animal can be physically painful and emotionally draining. You might always bear the physical and emotional scars from the attack. You should not have to take on the burden of the monetary cost of the attack. A Live Oak dog bite lawyer can help you learn about your legal rights. Sit down with our team of dedicated attorneys today to discuss what happened to you. Call today to review your claim.

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