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Bus travel is inexpensive, easy to understand, and environmentally friendly. You can sit back, close your eyes, and relax as you commute to work instead of maneuvering around traffic and fighting for a parking spot. Unfortunately, buses sometimes get into accidents. These collisions can endanger the health and safety of people on the bus, in other vehicles, and on the ground.

If you suffered injuries in a bus crash, you deserve competent legal advice. A Live Oak bus accident lawyer can help you determine whether you should pursue a claim for compensation. A skilled personal injury attorney is ready to fight for the financial reimbursement you deserve.

What Usually Causes Bus Crashes?

There is a wide range of reasons why a bus could crash, including but not limited to:

Bus Driver Errors

Often, a bus driver is primarily responsible for a wreck. For instance, bus drivers are sometimes distracted. They might look down at their cellphones to read a text or look at their GPS to figure out where to go. Other times, bus operators speed or drive recklessly in order to meet unrealistic deadlines. They might drive longer hours than they should, which could cause them to become dangerously drowsy. Sadly, like other motorists, bus drivers sometimes drive drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Often, an injured claimant can hold the bus company accountable when a driver makes a mistake on the clock. Texas employers are vicariously liable for their employee’s negligent and reckless actions. In addition, a bus company can be legally responsible if they encourage drivers to meet unreasonable schedules, hire drivers with poor driving records, or provide no driver training.

Overcrowded Busses

If a bus has too many passengers, the extra weight might make it harder for a driver to handle.

Third-Party Driver Errors

Sometimes, other cars are responsible for bus crashes. For example, when a passenger car tries to go around a slow-moving bus, they might force the bus to swerve to avoid hitting them. This action can cause the bus to slam into another vehicle. It could start a chain reaction and lead to a multi-car pileup.

Defects in a Bus

A defect in a bus could even lead to a wreck. If this happens, a dedicated legal representative could check to see if a bus was subject to a recall and underwent regular service and maintenance.

A seasoned attorney in Live Oak can investigate a bus collision to learn more about why it occurred and who was responsible.

Types of Injuries that Follow Live Oak Bus Accidents

After a bus collision, riders frequently experience the following physical injuries:

  • Bone fractures
  • Head trauma
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Organ damage, often from puncture wounds or broken ribs
  • Amputations

Sadly, some people do not survive their wounds. After a fatal bus collision, a compassionate Live Oak attorney can help family members file a wrongful death claim and seek justice.

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