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On a warm day, who does not love riding their bike? Feeling the gentle breeze as you glide through town is a fun form of recreation and exercise. Bike riding is also a cost-effective and green method of transportation. Some people even turn to their bicycles to get around town when gas prices are high. However, one of the major drawbacks of bikes is that they provide no protection for their riders in the event of a collision with a vehicle. Bike crashes almost always cause significant injuries.

If you recently suffered in a bike crash, a Live Oak bicycle accident lawyer might be able to help. You should consider speaking with our personal injury attorneys to see how they can guide you.

Proving Fault in a Bike Crash Case

To win collect financial compensation, a bike crash survivor usually must prove that their injuries occurred because of someone else’s negligent, reckless, or intentional actions. Typical actions that could lead to a bicycle accident include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Failure to yield or stop as required to let a bike pass
  • Illegal passing
  • Tailgating, crowding, and refusing to share the road with a cyclist
  • Defective bike parts or car parts
  • Dangerous road conditions

A skilled attorney in Live Oak can help a bike crash survivor investigate an accident to learn exactly how it occurred. A hardworking lawyer could begin pursuing a legal claim against the at-fault drivers who caused the incident. If a faulty bike causes a crash, our legal representatives can help a claimant sue the bike’s manufacturers. Similarly, if a defective automotive part causes a car to run into a cyclist, the cyclist or their family can pursue a claim against the vehicle’s manufacturers. If poor road conditions contribute to a collision, a lawyer can file a lawsuit against the government agency in charge of maintaining the roads. Many times, more than one party is at fault. Our hardworking legal team can review a crash and determine the parties that should be held responsible for their actions.

Common Injuries Seen After a Bike Accident

When a motor vehicle strikes a cyclist, the resulting injuries are almost always devastating. Even if they wear a helmet, injured cyclists often experience brain injuries, skull fractures, and face and jaw trauma. A cyclist might also suffer spinal cord injuries after being hit by a driver. Lacerations, burns, contusions, burns, and internal organ damage are also common after a bike crash.

Many injuries are so severe that they leave a plaintiff with disabilities or require a lengthy recovery. Sadly, some bike crashes cause fatalities. In the unfortunate event of sudden death, a compassionate lawyer in Live Oak can help a cyclist’s surviving family members hold a negligent defendant accountable.

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Bike crashes can be complex. Often, more than one party is to blame for causing a collision. If you were involved in a crash, it is critical that you work with a Live Oak bicycle accident lawyer who understands the unique aspects of these cases.

A seasoned attorney could help you throughout every stage of the legal process. Our legal professionals are not afraid to stand up to large insurers as they advocate and fight for you. Reach out today to learn about your options.

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