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Being involved in an auto accident can be a frightening experience. A reckless or careless driver might cause another person to suffer life-altering injuries in a crash, which could lead to physical, financial, and personal losses.

Demanding fair financial compensation after an auto wreck you did not cause can be complicated in many respects, but guidance is available from dedicated personal injury attorneys who have experience helping people like you through tough situations like yours. By working with a knowledgeable Live Oak car accident lawyer, you could improve your chances of securing the restitution you deserve without running into any legal or procedural roadblocks along the way.

How State Law Governs Car Accident Claims

Texas residents are not legally required to report every auto accident to law enforcement, but under Texas Transportation Code §550.026, they must contact police after any wreck resulting in severe vehicle damage or injury. It is crucial to comply with this law after any incident caused by another driver’s misconduct, since failing to do so could both have consequences in criminal court and impact an injured person’s ability to recover compensation through civil litigation.

When it comes to the legal rights of car accident victims, Texas is an “at fault” state, which means that people who are seriously injured in wrecks caused by a reckless driver can immediately file a lawsuit or make a settlement demand directly against the at-fault driver. That said, it is still sometimes more prudent to start with an insurance claim, as a Live Oak car accident attorney can further explain.

Recovering Damages for Harm Caused by a Negligent Driver

Under state law, drivers in Live Oak and throughout Texas must hold at least $30,000 worth of insurance coverage for bodily injury to a single other person in an accident, $60,000 of coverage for all injuries to all people involved in a crash, and $25,000 of coverage for vehicle and/or property damage. If a crash results in injuries so severe that an at-fault driver’s insurance does not cover their full value, or if a wreck causes losses not covered at all by insurance, the injured party may seek to hold the at-fault driver personally liable to pay for those damages.

A comprehensive car accident claim may account for past and future forms of economic and non-economic harm, including:

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Long-term medical care, rehabilitative treatments, and prescription medications
  • Vehicle repair/replacement costs
  • Lost work income and/or working capacity
  • Physical and psychological pain
  • Lost consortium
  • Lost overall quality of life

A skilled lawyer in Live Oak can provide more detail about what losses a car crash victim can recover for their injuries.

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Car wrecks cause more severe injuries statewide than any other kind of accident, and that trend is unfortunately consistent nationwide. To make matters worse, successfully obtaining the compensation you deserve for injuries and losses sustained through such an incident can be challenging, especially without help from a legal team member.

A seasoned Live Oak car accident lawyer can provide the custom-tailored help you need to effectively pursue a positive case resolution. Learn more by calling today.

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