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People today are fortunate that they can depend upon advances in medication to cure headaches, minor pain, or more serious issues. If you have a severe illness or injury, you can visit your physician, and they can hand you a prescription for a medication that should help. However, not all drugs or treatments are as safe as expected. Some medications might have unintended side effects that leave you seriously hurt.

If you or your loved one was injured or became ill because you took medication, you should consider speaking with a Live Oak dangerous drugs lawyer. A well-practiced injury attorney can help you hold a pharmaceutical corporation responsible for their negligent conduct.

An Introduction to Dangerous Drugs

There are different types of pharmaceutical errors, and they can all lead to serious injuries or death. Because the drug manufacturing and distribution process involves many different parties, it can be confusing to determine who is legally at fault when a dangerous treatment causes injury. Working with a seasoned local attorney is crucial. Experienced lawyers in Live Oak can carefully and skillfully examine any relevant evidence to see where a mistake occurred and who is to blame. They can work to hold the responsible parties accountable for creating a dangerous drug.

Potential Defendants in a Dangerous Medicine Claim

Depending on the circumstances, there are a few different parties that could face responsibility for manufacturing, advertising, or selling a dangerous drug.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Some drug injuries occur because a treatment is inherently unsafe. Pharmaceutical companies have a legal duty to ensure that they manufacture drugs that are reasonably safe for their intended use. They need to thoroughly test their new medication with a large and diverse enough segment of the population to learn more about a drug’s possible effects. Although most medicines have some harmful side effects or counteractions, manufacturers must minimize the risk of harm. If they cannot avoid producing a drug with side effects, a pharmaceutical corporation must disclose all known side effects. They also need to inform the public of any known dangerous interactions with other medicines, so that consumers know to avoid the new drug if they are also taking other treatments.

An experienced lawyer in Live Oak can scrutinize a pharmaceutical company’s testing protocols or review a manufacturer’s warnings to see if they were sufficient to alert a consumer to a possible risk.


Physicians need to review their patient’s medical histories and charts carefully. They need to know if their patient has a history of a medical condition that could be worsened by a new treatment. Physicians also must check to see if their patient has any drug allergies and confirm that taking a new medicine would not result in a harmful interaction.

Prescribing doctors also need to take note of their patient’s age and size. For instance, they cannot give a newborn baby the same dosage of medicine that they would give a 200-pound adult man.


Finally, pharmacists need to follow a doctor’s orders. They must ensure that patients are given the correct amount of a treatment. They also need to include warnings and instructions on properly taking a medication. If a pharmacy does not offer adequate guidance, a drug might become dangerous for a consumer. A tenacious attorney knows how to target a negligent pharmacy and hold them accountable for supplying a dangerous treatment.

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Although no medication is perfect, a drug should not cause you more harm than good. If a medicine that you though was safe hurt you or your loved one, you should take your case to a Live Oak dangerous drugs lawyer.

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