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When you visit a friend’s home, you should not have to worry about whether they maintain their front steps. Similarly, when you go to the local mall, you should not have to consider whether you might slip on a wet floor or trip on a broken escalator.

If you or a beloved family member recently suffered an injury at another person’s home or business, you might have the right to file a lawsuit. A Live Oak premises liability lawyer can help determine if pursuing a legal claim is your best course of action. Contact a personal injury attorney to explore your options for compensation.

Types of Visitors in Premises Liability Claims

Landowners, landlords, tenants, business owners, caretakers, and anyone responsible for caring for a property have a legal responsibility and duty to maintain their spaces. People who visit properties, whether for social or commercial reasons, should not worry about whether a place is safe. However, the degree of the duty of care that a landowner owes a visitor varies, depending on the reason for the guest’s visit.


Trespassers are people who illegally enter another person’s land. In most instances, landowners do not need to look out for their safety. A property owner cannot intentionally hurt a trespasser through gross negligence. However, a different standard might apply to trespassers who are children.


Licensees are generally social guests. Landowners need to make their property safe for licensees. If property owners become aware of a hazard, they must take action to remove it and any hidden conditions on the property that pose an unreasonable risk to unsuspecting visitors.


Invitees are people who enter a property for the benefit of both the visitor and the homeowner. Examples of invitees include mail carriers, delivery people, or business clients and customers. Property owners owe the highest duty of care to invitees. They must regularly inspect their buildings and land to look for dangers that might cause an injured visitor to fall or get hurt. Even if a property owner had no actual knowledge that there was a risky condition on the land, they can be liable for an invitee’s injuries if a court believes that they could have discovered a hazard with a reasonable inspection of their property.

A seasoned attorney in Live Oak can help injured plaintiffs determine which class of visitor they were and what kind of duty the landowner owed them in a premises liability case.

Common Property Hazards Seen in Premises Liability Cases

Property owners need to regularly check their properties for hazards that could harm visitors, such as:

  • Unenclosed swimming pools
  • Slippery or wet floors or walking surfaces
  • Falling debris or objects
  • Clutter in walkways
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Inadequate security
  • Damaged tiles, floor mats, or carpeting
  • Potholes in parking lots
  • Broken escalators and elevators
  • Toxic substances

A dedicated lawyer in Live Oak can investigate an accident to see who is to blame. A legal representative can speak with people familiar with the property in question to determine whether the landowner can be legally responsible for a plaintiff’s injuries.

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If you suffered an injury at someone else’s property, you might not know your options. After receiving medical attention for your injury, you should consult with a knowledgeable legal team. A Live Oak premises liability lawyer knows how to help people who sustained injuries from unsafe properties. They can perform a thorough investigation of your accident. If necessary, a legal advocate can work with accident reconstruction experts to learn more about how an incident happened. Call today to start your claim.

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