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Hundreds of commercial tractor-trailers pass through Live Oak regularly, whether they are making deliveries to local businesses or traveling on State Route 190 and Interstate 14 towards other destinations around the state. Unfortunately, not every truck driver or commercial vehicle company conducts their business with the care and consideration they should, and sometimes that irresponsible behavior leads to accidents with devastating repercussions.

If you sustained serious injuries and losses because of negligence by a truck driver, tractor trailer company, or an affiliated third party within the commercial vehicle industry, a Live Oak accident lawyer is here to help. Speaking with a dedicated injury attorney quickly after your incident could be key not just to effectively holding a negligent party at fault for your accident, but also to obtaining compensation for every one of your losses.

Who Could Be Legally Liable for a Truck Wreck?

Every motor vehicle operator who drives on public roads in Texas owes a duty to every other driver and passenger to act responsibly behind the wheel and follow all the relevant traffic laws. Truck drivers are no exception to this rule, and any trucker who causes a wreck by violating state or federal trucking regulations could be considered legally negligent and held personally liable for any of the crash’s consequences.

When it comes to recovering full compensation for the long-term and debilitating effects of a truck wreck, though, it is often worthwhile to name a commercial vehicle employer either as a co-defendant or the sole defendant in a civil claim. Often, big rig companies can be held vicariously liable for negligent conduct by their employee. In other cases, a trucking company may be directly liable for causing a crash. For instance, if they did not maintain their trucks properly or forced their drivers to disobey federal laws about maximum daily or weekly driving time, they might be responsible for a collision.

In still other situations, partial or full blame for a trucking wreck might lie with a supplier that loaded a vehicle incorrectly, a mechanic that serviced a tractor-trailer poorly, or some other third party whose indirect negligence directly caused a crash. A dedicated attorney in Live Oak can provide vital clarification about which people and/or entities might be liable for a truck accident and help an injured person take effective legal action against those parties.

Maximizing Recovery Within Legal Time Limits

Because of how much heavier and larger the average tractor-trailer is compared to SUVs and commuter pickups, collisions between commercial trucks and other vehicles tend to have severe consequences. Because of this, it is important that injured plaintiffs collect compensation their medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

However, it is key to remember that state law establishes a strict deadline for filing a claim and collecting compensation. No matter how long a truck crash victim’s injuries will last, Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003 allows most injured people just two years after being hurt by someone else’s negligence to begin the litigation process. Failing to file a claim or have a truck accident lawyer in Live Oak do so on a plaintiff’s behalf before this deadline passes will generally leave an injured person with no options for recovering monetary damages.

Get in Touch with a Live Oak Truck Accident Attorney

While commercial trucks are crucial for the state’s economy, they can cause devastating accidents that leave innocent people hurt. Fortunately, if you were involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer, you have rights that a knowledgeable legal professional can help you enforce.

A conversation with a Live Oak truck accident lawyer can help you understand your options and plan your next steps. Call today to schedule a meeting.

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