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While trucks and tractor-trailers are a necessary part of our economy, they can cause severe accidents when they collide with other automobiles. Many commercial vehicle incidents are caused by a truck driver’s carelessness. Factors like improper loading, lack of maintenance, and vehicle defects might also lead to crashes.

Crashes caused by trucks often require expensive medical treatment. If you are the victim of a commercial vehicle collision, you should seek the counsel of a Fort Hood truck accident lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney can hold the negligent driver responsible for their conduct and help you collect financial compensation.

Holding Truck Companies Responsible for Their Negligence

A truck’s immense weight makes it a clear danger to standard-sized vehicles. If a truck is overloaded or poorly maintained, it becomes even more difficult to steer and safely stop. Trucking corporations recognize the significant threat that their vehicles pose, so they develop additional measures to regulate their machinery. In many cases, a commercial vehicle company is equipped to offer coverage for any damage that they cause.

However, these organizations do not always adhere to their own standards. If a trucking company willfully or negligently violates its duty to safely navigate the road, an attorney might be able to hold the corporation accountable for their actions. For instance, a trucker could face consequences if they exceed the vehicle weight limit established by Texas Transportation Code § 621.101. A commercial truck driver could also be liable if they failed to follow traffic laws or were driving recklessly.

Proving that a trucking company violated its duty to operate responsibly requires collecting evidence and launching a thorough investigation. A skilled Fort Hood truck collision attorney can provide knowledgeable counsel and help an injured person hold the negligent organization responsible.

Evidence Used to Prove Carelessness

It can be challenging to demonstrate that a trucking company is responsible for an accident. A commercial vehicle collision case can become much more complex when a plaintiff hopes to convince a judge that both the reckless driver and their employer are responsible for an incident.

Linking a tractor-trailer corporation with the accident in question requires comprehensive evidence. Legal counsel can use police reports, eyewitness accounts, driver’s logs, maintenance records, vehicle inspection documents, and black box data stored on a truck to help demonstrate. A person injured in a truck accident should consult an experienced Fort Hood attorney for help compiling evidence.

The Statute of Limitations for Tractor-Trailer Collision Claims

Each state has different time limits for filing civil claims. These requirements are called statutes of limitation. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 establishes that anyone injured in a truck accident must file their claim within two years of the incident.

If an injured person waits more than two years to submit a lawsuit, they will lose their opportunity to collect damages. To maximize the strength of their case, a victim should act quickly after their collision. Promptly pursuing legal counsel will give a knowledgeable lawyer more time to construct a compelling claim.

Recoverable Damages in Fort Hood Truck Crash Cases

The State of Texas can award an injured person with both economic and non-economic damages after a truck accident. Losses with clear financial worth are repaid through economic damages. Conversely, non-economic damages aim to reimburse someone for losses with a more intangible value.

Medical expenses, lost wages, rental car fees, and property damage are common examples of economic damages. They have fixed costs and can be validated through examining receipts. Non-economic damages do not have a monetary value, which makes them harder to quantify. Common examples include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of consortium. An experienced Fort Hood attorney could help an injured person demonstrate that they are entitled to compensation for both monetary and non-monetary losses after a truck wreck.

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Truck accidents tend to be more dangerous than standard car collisions since these vehicles weigh more and take longer to stop. If you were involved in a tractor-trailer crash, you likely suffered severe injuries and economic setbacks.

If you can prove that the negligence of a truck driver or their employer caused the crash that led to your injuries, you may be able to hold the responsible parties liable for their actions. A skilled Fort Hood truck accident lawyer can analyze your collision, gather evidence, and help you file a successful claim. Call today to get started on your case.

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