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Many Fort Hood residents enjoy fishing, sailing, or riding a personal watercraft on one of the area’s lakes or rivers. Unfortunately, not all boaters behave responsibly, and their negligence could lead to tragedy. Boating accidents often cause severe injury, and numerous individuals lose their lives in recreational boating accidents every year.

If you suffered injuries in a watercraft crash, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about seeking monetary damages from the responsible party. A Fort Hood boat accident lawyer could help you secure a settlement that provides compensation for your physical and emotional setbacks.

Common Injuries Associated with Boating Accidents

Boating can be a dangerous pastime since accidents can cause severe injuries. For example, tripping over ropes in a marina or falling off a dock could result in cuts or broken bones. Additionally, becoming entangled in fishing equipment could result in facial injuries, lacerations, or traumatic amputations.

Meanwhile, many boat accidents happen out on the water, where medical attention will probably not arrive immediately. A delay in treatment could exacerbate the impact of an injury. Furthermore, open wounds are prone to infection if exposed to pollutants and bacteria in lake or river water.

Other severe injuries associated with boat crashes include:

  • Concussion and other traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord wounds
  • Impalement
  • Loss of an eye
  • Drowning
  • Wrongful death

Anyone involved in a boating accident should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Even if there are no immediate indications of injury, the symptoms of traumatic wounds sometimes do not become apparent right away. A medical professional will know what questions to ask and what signs to look for.

Possessing a prompt and accurate medical record could also bolster the legitimacy of a legal claim. A resourceful attorney in Fort Hood can utilize an emergency responder’s report to help establish the severity of the injuries that a plaintiff suffered in a boat accident.

How to Prove that Negligence Caused a Boat Crash

Establishing negligent behavior is a crucial factor in almost all accident cases. To collect financial compensation after a watercraft collision, for example, a wounded person must prove that someone else’s careless conduct led to their injury.

Reckless boating could take many forms. An inexperienced watercraft driver might misjudge another vessel’s speed or course and cause a collision. Poor engine maintenance could lead to a fire or explosion. A jet ski driver operating under the influence of alcohol might capsize the vessel, and their passenger could drown.

A knowledgeable lawyer in Fort Hood can begin investigating a boat accident as soon as possible to determine the cause and identify the negligent party. Skilled legal representation can interview witnesses, ensure that physical evidence remains intact, and begin constructing a compelling lawsuit.

Are Watercraft Accident Claims Subject to Time Limits?

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Code §31-104, a boater involved in an accident featuring injuries or property damage must report the incident within 30 days. If the crash was fatal, the vessel driver must act within 48 hours.

This extended window for reporting non-fatal accidents makes collecting evidence difficult. For instance, after a minor collision, a manipulative boat driver has ample opportunity to destroy or hide proof of their wrongdoing. Therefore, if an individual who suffers injuries in a boat crash can do so, they should immediately report the collision to law enforcement or the Parks and Wildlife Office.

A proactive attorney in Fort Hood can help an injured plaintiff compile evidence and document the boat accident as soon as possible, to prevent a defendant from acting fraudulently.

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Since the negligent conduct of another boater could leave a plaintiff with life-changing injuries and costly setbacks, anyone involved in a collision on the water should seek a well-practiced attorney. A Fort Hood boat accident lawyer has the requisite knowledge and experience to help an injured client secure the compensation they deserve.

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