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One of the most exciting aspects of owning a property is doing as one wishes with the space. However, people need to realize that from a legal standpoint, even private properties face regulations. For example, Texas law requires property owners to protect invitees from accidental injuries or criminal acts. If a landowner fails to prevent an accident on their property and someone is injured on their estate, the owner must provide compensation for any harm.

Unfortunately, not everyone injured on a property can collect compensation. Depending upon a visitor’s reasons for spending time on an estate, the extent of protection that a landowner must provide will vary.

If you were visiting a property and a landowner failed to maintain a safe premises, a Fort Hood premises liability lawyer can help you pursue the settlement you deserve. A tenacious personal injury representative can fully investigate the incident, explain your rights, and hold the negligent estate owner accountable for their conduct.

How Can Property Owners Protect Their Invited Guests?

Property liability law requires landowners to protect visitors from any harm. However, the extent of protection that a property owner must provide will vary.

The level of protection required from a landowner changes based on a guest’s reason for coming to a property. If the visit was for a social gathering, like attending a barbeque, the owner is only required to protect an individual from violent or intentional acts. Meanwhile, if a guest enters a premises for the owner’s benefit, like shopping at a private business, the owner must maintain a safe environment and prevent accidental injuries.

If a business owner fails to maintain a safe premises, they may face liability. Examples of items that can render a space unsafe include:

  • Wet floors or surfaces
  • Clutter or debris blocking walkways
  • Broken stairways or handrails
  • A lack of fire exits
  • Blocked fire escape paths
  • Improper lighting
  • Faulty security systems that could otherwise prevent danger or assault

Fortunately, a premises liability attorney in Fort Hood understands the potential dangers that a guest could face in a building and can help an injured person determine if a landowner breached their duty to care for visitors.

Preparing a Premises Liability Case

Proving that a landowner is responsible for an accident that resulted in an injury is only one part of a valid premises liability case. Afterwards, a wounded claimant is also required to demonstrate that their injuries altered the course of their life.

To accomplish this, a plaintiff can compile evidence like medical bills, police reports, or witness testimonies. A wounded person can also consult a therapist to measure the emotional impact of the injury. Finally, a claimant can have their employer verify that an injury kept them out of work for an extended period.

Acting quickly to take these steps is essential because of the state’s statute of limitations. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 outlines that an injured plaintiff is only entitled to file a claim and seek compensation within two years of their accident.

A diligent Fort Hood lawyer can help wounded individuals file their premises liability claims within the statute of limitations and avoid any procedural delays.

Consult a Fort Hood Premises Liability Attorney About Your Injury

Suffering an injury while spending time on the property of another person might entitle a plaintiff to financial compensation. However, collecting damages only becomes possible after demonstrating that a landowner’s careless actions caused an incident.

A Fort Hood premises liability lawyer can be a priceless asset if you were injured while visiting someone else’s home or business. One of our legal representatives can gather information about the accident, connect your losses to your injuries, and help you assemble a persuasive lawsuit. Schedule your initial appointment today.

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