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Although buses are an essential means of transportation, they can be hazardous to passengers, other vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. Their shape and size make them unwieldy, and their weight could cause tremendous damage in a crash.

If you were harmed in a collision with a bus or hurt while commuting, a diligent personal injury attorney can help you seek compensation for your injuries. A Fort Hood bus accident lawyer can assess the circumstances surrounding the crash and determine the best way to proceed.

Who Could Face Responsibility for a Bus Accident?

The circumstances surrounding a bus crash determine who might face liability for a victim’s losses. If a bus driver was negligent, their employer could be responsible for the damages the careless employee caused. Depending on the driver’s history and record, their employer might also need to assume responsibility for careless hiring or inadequate training.

If improper maintenance caused the crash, the local bus company could be liable. A negligent repair shop or service contractor also might bear some responsibility. If a mechanical flaw played a role in the accident, the manufacturer could face liability through a defective product claim.

However, these are not the only factors responsible for bus accidents. In some cases, malfunctioning traffic control devices or the reckless actions of other drivers might have triggered the crash. An intelligent attorney in Fort Hood can strengthen a plaintiff’s case by identifying as many parties as possible who might bear partial accountability for the bus accident.

What Damages are Available After a Bus Crash?

After a frightening bus accident, injured plaintiffs can collect compensation to recover from setbacks such as:

  • Reduced income or earning capacity
  • Medical expenses
  • Disfigurement
  • Permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of Consortium

In many cases, an injured plaintiff can hire a medical expert, economist, or actuary to help calculate the extent of monetary damages they deserve for lost wages or future medical treatment.

If gross negligence caused the bus accident, a plaintiff could seek punitive damages. To qualify for these repayments, the claimant must demonstrate that the defendant’s malicious or outrageous behavior harmed them. Punitive damages become relevant, for example, if a bus driver caused a collision by transporting passengers under the influence of alcohol. If a court determines that an injured plaintiff deserves punitive damages, state laws limit this compensation to a maximum of $750,000.

A tenacious lawyer in Fort Hood can determine whether an injured bus rider is entitled to punitive damages or help them file a claim to collect compensation after a crash.

What Happens When the U.S. Government Causes a Bus Accident?

If a bus crashes in Fort Hood, there is a good chance that the vehicle belongs to the Army. In these situations, Federal Tort Claims Act establishes regulations about persona injury claims against United States government organizations.

Pursuing damages for injuries inflicted by an Army bus requires the claimant to file Form 95 with the appropriate Military office within two years of the accident. Failing to submit this document on time or with the correct department could lessen the impact of the claim. Legal representation can help an injured plaintiff file their lawsuit correctly.

Meanwhile, there are also unique guidelines and a tight timeline to follow if a state or local government agency caused the bus accident. For instance, Texas Civil Procedure and Remedies Code §101.101 requires plaintiffs to notify government personnel about their claim within six months of the public transportation crash. A local government’s liability coverage generally offers $100,000 per person and $300,000 per incident.

A dedicated attorney in Fort Hood can help an injured plaintiff determine whether acting against a government agency is within their best interests after a serious bus accident.

Consult a Fort Hood Bus Accident Attorney about Your Claim

Bus collision claims often involve complexities that do not apply to other vehicle crash cases. For instance, public transportation companies or government organizations might avoid paying an injured person’s damages.

Fortunately, a Fort Hood bus accident lawyer can fight back against these manipulative tactics if you were injured while commuting. A legal representative can work tirelessly to protect your rights and conclude who is responsible for the collision. Reach out today to schedule an initial appointment.

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