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Dog bites often cause severe physical injuries and long-lasting psychological trauma. A person could even become injured if a dog does not actually bite, but knocks a person down, pins them on the ground, or attacks them in some other way.

A dog owner who allowed their animal to inflict harm on others could face liability for the accident and any resulting wounds. If a canine injured you or one of your family members, a Fort Hood dog bite lawyer can be a valuable ally. A skilled personal injury attorney can help hold the owner accountable and acquire financial compensation for both your physical and emotional suffering.

What is the “One Bite Rule?”

Many states have laws that specifically impose liability on dog owners whose animals harm others. However, Texas follows a framework known as the “one-bite” rule.

In practice, the guideline means that an owner must have reason to believe their dog is aggressive to be liable for injuries the pet inflicts on another person. If a canine has attacked or attempted to attack once, an owner will be held responsible for subsequent aggressive behavior. An owner who fails to stop an act of aggression could face responsibility, even if it was the first time the dog attempted to bite another person. If an owner or handler intentionally trained the dog to be aggressive or protective, they would be responsible for the consequences if the dog attacked someone.

A compassionate attorney in Fort Hood can further outline the one bite rule and determine whether it applies to a plaintiff’s dog bite injury case.

Establishing Negligence After a Dog Bite Accident

Concluding that a dog owner acted recklessly and failed to care for other people is one of the most crucial aspects of a plaintiff’s case. Even if the animal has no history of aggressive tendencies, it could still be possible for a diligent legal representative to place liability on the dog owner, since failing to adhere to local ordinances serve as evidence of negligent behavior.

For example, local laws ban several dog breeds from the military base, including pit bulls, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, and their mixes. If the attack happened on the base, the breed of the dog might be relevant. If the dog was one of the prohibited breeds, the owner might face responsibility for failing to adhere to these regulations.

When representing a dog bite victim, a diligent attorney might interview neighbors, contact the local animal control officer, and review veterinary records to determine whether the owner or handler should have known about their pets’ aggressive tendencies. Information from a dog breeder or trainer could shed light on the owner’s reasons for owning the animal. If any of the information collected indicates the owner encouraged aggressive behavior or knew that the dog had violent tendencies, a judge could label them liable for the accident.

A tenacious lawyer in Fort Hood can help investigate the biting incident to determine whether a dog owner acted negligently and allowed their pet to injure a plaintiff.

Complications with Filing a Dog Attack Claim

A claimant seeking damages after being attacked by a dog could expect the animal owner’s insurance company to fight back against the claim. Common tactics used by coverage providers usually involve allegations of trespassing or comparative negligence.

Claimants should know that in most cases, state laws do not offer any protection to trespassers. If the injured person was on the dog owner’s property without permission when the attack occurred, the owner could use trespassing regulations to maintain their innocence.

If the injured plaintiff antagonized the animal or otherwise provoked the attack, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §33.001 might prevent them from collecting damages. This law bars people who bear more than 50 percent of the responsibility for an accident from collecting any financial compensation.

A savvy attorney in Fort Hood can anticipate these defenses and present evidence to counter them. In most dog attack cases, the parties agree on a reasonable distribution of responsibility that entitles a plaintiff to substantial compensation.

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Recovering from a vicious animal attack could, unfortunately, be a long and difficult process. For instance, both the psychological impacts and severe physical injuries could require an extended recuperation period that results in lost time at work or other financial troubles.

Fortunately, you could give yourself the time and space you need to recover by turning your case over to the hands a Fort Hood dog bite lawyer. They can fight to win appropriate compensation while you get back on your feet. Call the office today to schedule a consultation.

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