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Manufacturers are obligated to create consumer goods that are safe for use. When a defective product injures someone, it is only fair that the manufacturer who profits from its sale assumes responsibility for the harm they caused.

Fortunately, product liability law offers someone wounded by a defective item an opportunity to seek compensation. If you sustained a wound because a consumer good unexpectedly failed or malfunctioned, a meticulous personal injury attorney can help you pursue monetary damages for your medical costs, lost income, or pain and suffering. A Fort Hood defective products lawyer can outline your legal options and help you hold the manufacturer responsible for their negligence.

How to Prove That a Product is Defective

Establishing that a corporation sold a defective product requires the plaintiff to demonstrate that the item’s design, manufacturing, or labeling was flawed.

Alleging a design defect requires the plaintiff to demonstrate that the product is unreasonably dangerous because of its overall blueprint. A claimant can usually accomplish this by revealing that an alternative design would be economically feasible and produce a safer product. This aspect can be more difficult to verify in court, so many individuals hire experts to assist with design defect claims.

Meanwhile, if a product is generally safe but a specific model hurt a consumer, the injured person could pursue a manufacturing defect claim. During this process, the plaintiff must prove that the item malfunctioned and caused unnecessary harm because of a production error.

Finally, if the instructions that came with a product were poorly written or misleading, an injured plaintiff could pursue a failure to warn lawsuit. To do so, the wounded claimant must demonstrate that the product’s directions or explanatory materials did not transparently identify the hazard that the item posed.

A knowledgeable attorney in Fort Hood can help a wounded consumer prove that an item malfunctioned and determine which type of defective product claim is best for their circumstances.

Financial Compensation Offered by Product Liability Claims

When a defective product causes an injury, a plaintiff can pursue monetary damages for their physical and emotional setbacks. Typical coverage includes compensation for tangible financial losses like medical expenses, lost income, future healthcare treatment, and reduced earning capacity.

Damages also frequently compensate a wounded plaintiff for the more subjective effects of an injury, including physical pain, the psychological impact of the accident, and reduced quality of life caused by a dangerous product. A compassionate lawyer in Fort Hood can factor these less tangible aspects into a claimant’s product liability lawsuit and help them maximize financial compensation.

Could Joint Liability Impact a Defective Product Claim?

In some cases, a product’s manufacturer might argue that the plaintiff’s behavior contributed to the injury caused by a defective consumer good. For instance, a corporation might claim that a plaintiff altered or misused the product, resulting in a severe wound.

In these situations, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §33.003 establishes that a plaintiff must assume responsibility for the portion of the accident that their own negligent behavior caused. If the court finds that the plaintiff acted carelessly, a judge will reduce damages by an amount proportional to the claimant’s share of the fault.

Allegations of shared blame can be stressful or overwhelming, but a tenacious attorney in Fort Hood can demonstrate that a plaintiff’s negligence is insignificant compared to a defective product manufacturer’s carelessness.

Trust a Fort Hood Defective Products Attorney with Your Claim

Product liability claims might become difficult to pursue because manufacturers generally work hard to avoid liability for an unsafe item. For instance, a corporation may bully or intimidate to discourage you from seeking the financial compensation you deserve.

Fortunately, a committed legal representative can stand up to manufacturers to protect your rights. A Fort Hood defective products lawyer can fight to earn a settlement that provides adequate compensation for your injuries. Contact the office today to get started on your case.

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