Fort Hood Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It is easy to forget that motorcycle riders deserve the same rights and care as people who drive cars. However, in Texas, all vehicles enjoy the same legal protections. Any motorcyclist who suffers an injury while riding can hold a negligent driver liable for their physical and economic setbacks.

A Fort Hood motorcycle accident lawyer can help you seek compensation if you were injured in a collision. A knowledgeable personal injury representative can help you pursue a generous settlement that might help you afford your medical bills or make up for any wages you lost while recovering from your injuries.

How to Demonstrate that Another Driver Caused a Motorcycle Crash

Every collision that occurs on a roadway is someone’s fault. Legal resolutions require somebody to accept blame for the incident. There are many ways for a motorcyclist to prove that a careless driver caused their severe accident.

For instance, an injured biker might reveal that a driver failed to follow basic traffic laws while navigating. Speeding, tailgating, forgetting to signal a lane change, or driving under the influence of alcohol are standard offenses that a plaintiff can use to establish guilt. In these situations, a well-practiced Fort Hood lawyer can help investigate whether a driver violated universal traffic regulations and caused a motorcycle crash.

Other cases might center around a driver acting negligently. Even though this aspect is more difficult to prove, it can be another way to establish fault and validate a motorcycle accident claim. For example, some cases might not feature official police record of a motorist violating a well-known law, but an investigator can demonstrate that general carelessness or unpredictable behavior directly resulted in a motorcycle collision. A diligent local attorney can talk to witnesses, visit the scene of the crash, or obtain video footage to reveal that a reckless driver caused the plaintiff’s motorcycle accident.

Does Comparative Negligence Affect Motorcycle Accident Claims?

Fort Hood’s comparative negligence laws can make determining blame complicated, so a plaintiff needs to understand these concepts. According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 33.003, courts must evaluate the actions of all people involved in an accident to fully determine who was responsible. These laws establish that an injured motorcyclist can collect payments for their losses if they are less than 50 percent liable for a crash. A skilled legal representative in Fort Hood has experience dealing with this policy – they can fight back against a defendant claiming that the plaintiff is partially responsible for the motorcycle accident.

Who Will Pay Damages After a Motorcycle Crash?

After an accident, Texas law requires a careless driver to provide compensation for the suffering of any injured people. A wounded motorcyclist in Fort Hood can collect damages immediately after they demonstrate how the incident impacted their life.

Most setbacks caused by a motorcycle accident are economic. Medical treatment for injuries, for instance, can cost thousands of dollars. A reckless driver or their associated insurance provider must provide compensation for these expenses after a severe incident.

Meanwhile, some setbacks are non-economic. For instance, many motorbike riders experience flashbacks, nightmares, an inability to ride, or other forms of PTSD after an accident. It can be more difficult to place a dollar value on the emotional impact that a motorcycle collision has on a wounded rider. However, a compassionate Fort Hood lawyer recognizes the emotional trauma that a motorcycle collision may inspire and can help a survivor seek compensation for these more intangible costs.

Enlist the Help of a Fort Hood Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are severe and can potentially alter the trajectory of a rider’s life. Both economic and non-economic obstacles are common after a frightening collision, but Texas law grants motorcyclists many protections.

If you ride a motorbike and were harmed in a collision with a standard car, a Fort Hood motorcycle accident lawyer can fight to protect your rights. A member of our legal team can measure your losses, determine the cause of your accident, and help you file a valid claim that entitles you to compensation. Call our practice today to schedule your initial appointment.

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