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State laws do not require companies to provide workers’ compensation to their employees. When an employer decides not to provide this service, they become labeled a non-subscriber workplace and they lose the legal protections associated with this program.

If a worker at a non-subscriber company suffers an injury on the job, they can usually sue their employer or a third party to pursue financial compensation. These actions can become complicated, but a seasoned personal injury attorney can help a plaintiff resolve any issues. A Waco workplace injury lawyer can take the lead in investigating the accident, determining who to target, and maximizing compensation.

Common Workplace Injuries

Regardless of the cause of a workplace accident, there are many different injuries that someone might suffer. Common examples of physical wounds associated with on-the-job incidents include:

Injuries Caused by Slipping and Falling

While in the workplace or on and industrial site, an employee could slip and fall unexpectedly. When this happens, they might be left with broken bones, neck or head injuries, and soft tissue damage.

Trauma Caused by Heavy Machinery

Many construction or industrial workplaces feature dangerous, heavy machinery. Operating these devices usually requires extensive training and many safety precautions. If something goes wrong, an employee could be left with crushed or severed limbs, deep lacerations, or life-altering wounds.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

In some workplaces, hazardous substances are commonplace. Exposure to these elements could result in severe, long-lasting injuries that require expert treatment. For example, an employee might be left with third degree burns and respiratory damage.

Any of these subcategories of workplace injury could entitle a plaintiff to monetary damages, so working with an experienced legal representative helps. An attorney in Waco can determine exactly what happened to help their client pinpoint their best next steps.

Non-Subscriber Workplaces Explained

Under the Texas worker’s compensation act, employers may opt-out of carrying worker’s compensation insurance. The law considers those who opt-out as non-subscribers. Any employer in this category must inform the state and all its employees. Employers that provide state insurance have protections against lawsuits, those who opt-out do not. Therefore, a person who sustains injuries usually sue their company if the organization is a non-subscriber. A knowledgeable attorney in Waco understands the compensation act and could assist their client with filing a claim for on the job injuries.

How to Act Against an Employer or Third Party after a Workplace Accident

After being involved in an unexpected accident at work, it is important for employees to understand their rights and legal options. For instance, federal and states laws require all employers to provide a safe work environment. If a company fails to do this, an injured worker can usually act. Rights associated with wounded employees include the entitlement to file an injury claim for damages. A hardworking person also has the protection of being able to speak with their employer before making statements or signing paperwork.

Individuals may also sustain injuries on the job because of the negligent actions of an outside agent or third party. When this happens, the injured party might be able to file a third-party claim in a civil court. Potential defendants in a third-party civil lawsuit include:

The Manufacturers of Defective Equipment

If a dangerous piece of machinery caused an accident, an injured claimant could file a lawsuit targeting the manufacturer of this hazardous equipment.

Contractors or Subcontractors

If the negligent actions of a contractor or subcontractor created an unsafe work environment, a plaintiff could potentially hold them accountable for any injuries.

Property Owners

The injured party could file a civil suit against property owners if hazardous conditions on the premises caused their injuries.

Determining exactly who to target after an unexpected accident at work can be confusing, especially for an unrepresented plaintiff. Fortunately, an experienced attorney in Waco knows who to file a claim against in different circumstances and can help an injured worker make all the right legal decisions.

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